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What are 2016 best travelling gadgets?


Have you already planned your next getaway? Whether you are a regular jetsetter, explorer by vehicle, or just the traditional walking adventurer, there are always some pocket size gadgets to make your journey more enjoyable. Here is the bucket list of must-have travelling gadgets in 2016.

Overboard Waterproof Case for iPhone – Now you can have fun in the sun without worrying about dropping your phone in the sea or in the pool, as in case this happens your phone will simply float, without affecting any of its functionality. These waterproof cases are compatible with all iPhones.

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AMPL StartBag – This is a water-resistant and smart backpack that will certainly be useful. This is no regular bag as it has a hidden charger that can connect to numerous devices at the same time via USB. This stylish backpack comes with an app that will show you which devices are charging and you can thus reassign the power that’s available to the devices that need them the most. This app will also set an alarm off in your smartphone in case you leave your backpack behind.

Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro – You can now lighten your travel load with the three in one Bucket Pro. Firstly, this is a flashlight with not less than three settings of strobe, lamp, and torch that increase your visibility while reading at the campsite while everyone’s asleep. It also acts as a portable speaker, where you can connect it wirelessly via Bluetooth to computers, tablets or smartphones to listen to your favourite tunes. Its third functionality is that it acts as a charger with a USB port behind the light.

Bragi Dash – Over the ear and on ear headphones are now outdated, as now is the time for wireless earbuds such as the Bragi Dash. This is a pair of wireless earbuds that works via Bluetooth, thus no more dangling wires. Even without any wires, these earbuds provide great sound that seem very natural. While connected to your smartphone it can transfer up to a thousand songs on its very onboard memory in case you don’t want to take your phone with you. This device is exceptional as it can also track your oxygen saturation, calories, heart rate, and other body vitals made possible through built in sensors.

Guess Connect – Now you can have a glassy smart watch in the form of Guess Connect. This is Guess first venture into wearable technology with a partnership with Martian Watches. Via Bluetooth you can connect it to your smartphone for weather updates or text messages that you can read through its small LED text screen. Guess Connect also allows you to use Google Now, Siri and even reply to text messages just with your voice, while also make outgoing calls or receiving incoming calls.

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