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4 Ways To Travel The World For Free Through Volunteering


Traveling is a hobby for many people. For some it is a great escape from the strains of life. People usually travel for leisure or business, or cultural and religious reasons. Whatever the reasons might be travelling costs a lot of money, especially if you are staying abroad for an extended period of time. These days, the technology has made it incredibly easy for us to travel around the world. You will be amazed at many effective ways to cut travel costs. What even more interesting is travel for free, and yes you can do that through volunteering. Volunteer travel gives you a unique chance to give something back, share your skills and knowledge, meet with the locals or meet with other travellers from all across the world, in exchange for travelling for free. Here, we are going to reveal 4 ways to travel the world for free through volunteering.

Teach English in a Foreign Country

Many countries in Asia, South America and Africa offer opportunities to teach English as a second language to the locals who represent various different age groups. Many people, especially travellers go to countries such as China, Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam, to name a few to teach English. They receive decent amount of money and a place to stay for teaching English. Many critics, however, do not call it volunteer travel. If you have certain certifications, such as TEFL or TESOL, you can decide which country to go on to live and teach English. This is a popular way to see the world and do a noble job. You can search this opportunity available around the world via ESLcafe.com.


Travel for Free Via WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms)

The idea is you work on the farm in exchange for board and lodging on a daily basis. You may find longer contracts, which means stays are available from one week to several weeks, months or even years. There are thousands of hosts available to provide you with this great volunteer travel experience in 53 countries. Visit www.wwoof.org for more details.


Travel the World Free via Help exchange, Worldwide

You can find a world of hosts from around the globe at www.helpx.net website. Those hosts are looking for an extra pair of hands to help them with various different projects. You may be working in their farm or garden, working in schools, building houses or community centres, and similar types of projects. You may simply be helping a family take the kids out or to school.


Join Peach Corps

It is unique chance to live and work in another country. The volunteer travel details with this project can be found at www.peacecorps.gov website. If your application has been approved, you can participate in a wide variety of projects which include healthcare, environment, business and other volunteer travel projects. However, travelling the world through volunteering via Peach Corps is available to the US residents only, but you can find similar volunteer travel projects with www.vso.org.uk/volunteer.

There are 4 ways to travel the world for free through volunteering, mentioned above. There are many similar and diverse volunteer travel projects available, in addition to the ones mentioned above. Explore the options and choose the ones that best fit your requirements and travel the world for free through volunteering.

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