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5 Foods You Must Try While In Indonesia

Indonesian Food

It’s Friday night and you are in Indonesia. Isn’t it a great idea to step out and explore Indonesian cuisine and treat your palate? Indonesian cuisine is best known for its spices and daredevil seasoning. No matter what dish you pick, each and every dish is prepared with exotic flavors, ensuring a perfect blend of Asian and European cuisine. Whether you wish to try influenced or original versions of Indonesian dishes, you can easily find a number of restaurants and roadside food joints offering a variety of menu. Remember, Indonesian cuisine has a lot to offer and one Friday night will not be enough! Here are 5 top foods of Indonesia that you must try when you visit this amazing archipelago on your next expedition

1. Lotek and Karedok – Green salad with ground peanut sauce and turmeric.

Everybody loves this dish and thus, it is regarded to be one of the must try foods in Indonesia. Lotek and Karedok is very tasteful. This dish uses a lot of green vegetables like spinach, water spinach, cabbage, eggplant, bean sprout, and basil leaf. Fresh and a strong ground turmeric flavor is prevalent and quite an integral part of this dish.

2. Nasi Bakar – Grilled Spicy Rice

Indonesians can’t just live without nasi or rice. Their meal is incomplete without rice. This Nasi Bakar is wrapped in fresh banana leaf, rolled with some shredded chicken stuffing, basil leaf, and special mix of seasonings. Before putting it on the grill, all the ingredients are mixed well with rice, stuffed in the leaf and put on pre-heated traditional grill. Spicy chilli long bean make a perfect combination to go with Nasi Bakar.

3. Satay

From street shops to five star hotels, this is one Indonesian food that you will find everywhere you go. There is abundance of varieties of satay that you can explore. Chicken, mutton, beef, and pork satay are some of the most popular ones served with variety of spicy sauces.

4. Rujak – Indonesia fruit salad served with peanut and vinegar sauce

Rujak is Indonesia’s most favorite and healthy dessert. Every region in the country is known for its unique specialty in terms of dishes made with fruits, and variety of sauces that they make. Rujak is one of them, and it is served differently in different regions. For instance: Balinese prefer having their Rujak with thin liquid-vinegar and sugar sauce, instead of thick peanut sauce.

5. Ayam Goreng Sambal Mangga – Fried chicken served with Mango-Sambal

We all are aware of fried chicken, but Ayam Goreng Sambal Mangga uses unique-flavors creating contradictions between savory fried-chicken and sourness of Mango Rujak. The dish delivers sweet, fresh and sour flavor when all the ingredients are well blended. You will be able to feel different flavors with each chew. You can also choose the level of spiciness. The fried chicken will easily melt in your mouth as soon as you will take a bite.

So, next time you are in Indonesia, do not forget to try all the listed foods. No holiday is complete if you don’t try the traditional cuisine of the place you are visiting.

Photo credit Perry Aragon (www.flickr.com/photos/paragon1/)

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