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5 Must Do’s In London

London BigBen

With more and more business events and meetings set in London, conference hotels are always filled with people discovering the city for the first time. In case you are one of them, and need a quick guide of where to go and what to do in your spare time, here is a quick list of the must-see, must-do attractions that one really should not miss.

1. Buckingham Palace Tours

If going to London to visit the Queen has been on top of your mind since preschool days, here is your chance. Or, at least, where she works, stays, and lives – the Palace is only open for tours when she is away on her annual visit to Scotland. If your conference is set for July, August and September, you can take time out from the serious discussions inside those London conference hotels and pop over to the most iconic royal buildings in the world. The residence of Her Majesty, The Queen is one of the last remaining working royal palaces in the world and is located at the heart of the city.

2. The Bridge Experience

The London Bridge is also one of the most entertaining attractions you can experience away from those London conference hotels, set within the arches of the bridge you’ve previously heard of in that nursery rhyme. With live actors, amazing special effects and animations, as well as an engrossing storyline, it is a great interactive adventure, which brings you back in time!

3. The Tower and The Tower Bridge Exhibition

If your interests lie in stories of historical drama, you will like to take time away from work and visit the Tower of London and Tower Bridge. Still one of the most popular attractions in the city, a visit to the Tower complete with Beefeaters, the Crown Jewels, and the Royal Armouries should not be missed. The Tower Bridge walkways, on the other hand, not only provide glimpses of history, but also perfect photo opportunities with the scenic views from the high walkways.

4. Thames River Cruise

If you’d like to see and take photos of many iconic landmarks such as Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Canary Wharf, Canary Wharf, the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, the retired battle-cruiser – HMS Belfast, St Paul’s Cathedral, Shakespeare’s Globe, a ride through the city on a Thames River Cruise really is the best way to do it. On your day off from your meetings in those London conference hotels, book a ride in one of the comfortable all-weather boats that take off from Westminster Pier. You will soon discover why this cruise always makes it to the top of any list of must-see attractions in London.

5. National Gallery

London’s National gallery exhibits western European paintings from about 1250-1900. The works of Van Gogh, Turner, Leonardo da Vinci, and many others will inspire you. Videos, audiovisual programs, special exhibitions, and are provided for making it easy for the people to understand the art. These are just a few of the many entertaining and exciting activities you can enjoy on your breaks from work meetings in those London conference hotels.

There are many more, just try them out for yourself, but chances are, you’ll most likely have to book a longer stay, or a few more trips to see them all!


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