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5 Places To See In Tokyo

Tokyo and Fuji

Tokyo is a beautiful mix of modern technology and ancient culture. With temples that are thousands of years old nestled in the center of modern skyscrapers, it’s one of the few cities left in the world that allows tourists to experience modern city life and thousands of years of Japanese culture all at the same time. When visiting this amazing city, there are 5 place to see in Tokyo that everyone should take the time to visit while in the city.

1. The Tsukiji Fish Market

This is the largest and busiest fish market in the world. It has also become a well known destination for tourist during the predawn hours due to the live tuna auctions. It will be important, however, to check before you arriving in Tokyo to see if there is public access to the market on the day of your arrival. Certain times during the week restrict access to the market to only 120 people broken into 2 separate groups. One of the most well known reasons for visiting the market is the sushi breakfast. The most reputable place to locate the best sushi would have to be the restaurant area in the wholesale fruit and vegetable market just inside the gate off of Shin-ohashi street.

2. Sumo Wrestling

Few people have never heard of Sumo Wrestling, but few have also had the pleasure of watching traditional sumo tournaments in person. Ryogoku Kokugikan is located within the city limits and is Tokyo’s National Sumo Hall. Tourists can watch matches throughout the day while visiting Tokyo, and the experience will be one that you remember. One of the most impressive experiences of a bout, if your able to get inside the arena before a new round starts, is the rikishi parade. These parades into the arena involve wrestlers wearing traditional ceremonial aprons. At times, visitors have the honor or watching a former champion demonstrate traditional moves during the parades. This beautiful arena and amazing show make Ryogoku Kokugikan one of the top 5 places to see in Tokyo.

3. Yoyogi Park

Japan is one of the most densely populated countries in the world packing more people into every city and square mile than any other country. Even with this being true, the Japanese have managed to maintain some of the most spacious and beautiful parks in the world. Yoyogi Park is one such location. This location is well known for club meetings, play rehearsals, and practice sessions of all types of entertainment and art. Yoyogi brings people of all walks of life to the park with all sorts of talent. Visitors can experience Elvis inspired performers, hip-hop dancers, poodle skirt wearing girls, pop music singers, and even fans wearing Manga and Anime costumes representing some of the most well known and popular characters within the anime world, as well. This location is well worth taking the time to visit.

4. Roppongi Hills Complex

This location offers a taste of the city life within Tokyo. Visitors can find all sorts of Japanese city life related experiences including a garden, shops, cafes, restaurants, a garden, and even a giant metal spider sculpture. There are countless exhibits, shows, food, and other amazing aspects of what this beautiful city has to offer for any taste visitors to Tokyo may have.

5. Shibuya Crossing

No visit to Tokyo would be complete without taking the time to walk across one of the most famous intersections in the world known as Shibuya Crossing. Located outside of Shibuya Station from which its name is derived, this crossing is a spectacle to experience. Hundreds of people going about their busy life pass through this spot every hour. As the lights turn red in every direction of this incredibly busy intersection, it feels as though everything comes to a stop as traffic stands still in all directions. If there has ever been an example of organized chaos, this would be it, and is well worth taking the time to visit upon traveling to the city and is our final stop on 5 places to see in Tokyo.

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