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5 Reasons Why Buying An Off-plan Property Can Be Profitable

Off plan properties in Dubai continue to be an attractive investment opportunity for numerous amounts of potential buyers due to the fact that they can indeed be highly profitable. With many new projects in Dubai, here are five reasons why this option is not only well-liked but profitable too.

1: Appealing Cost

When advertising a house that is yet to be finished, the developer tends to offer attractive price points with the hopes of appealing to the potential buyer. This tends to work in favor of the buyer not only because it’s much lower in comparison to a ready built home, but it allows the potential customer to make a profit too.

2: Flexible Arrangements

The flexibility in payment plans also allows a certain level of flexibility that could not be optioned through the purchase of a ready built home. Therefore, that in itself would not be deemed a tangible profit but over the long run would account for greater savings for you to make another investment elsewhere if your pockets would allow.

3: Ability to Rent

Even though there are many off plan properties in Dubai, the demand is certainly available for people looking to rent. Therefore, owning a home gives you the capacity to earn a substantial amount of income solely through rental charges on a yearly basis.

It’s only now up to you to determine whether long-term rental would be more beneficial to you when compared to a shorter term. Your location is another driving factor which steers the wheel on whether your investment would indeed return a great rental income as intended. Popular neighborhood, such as the Emaar Beachfront and Dubai Creek Harbour are the ones which make a great profit.

4: Lower Upfront Costs

Not only is the overall cost more appealing, but the upfront costs are just as attractive. In line with attractive price points, developers also make the down payment as attractive as possible with hopes of acquiring that sale. Some developers require as little as 10% but this varies from developer to developer. But, in the grand scheme of things, when a typical purchase commands a 20-30% down payment, anything lower than that is a significant win!

5: The Capability To Sell Prior To Completion

This is something that you’d have to read in the fine print as this can indeed vary but quite often, the buyer can indeed resell their asset. A lot of financiers do use this route due to the fact that if the market continues to rise, the profits would also increase leaving the investor with more cash in their pockets.

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