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58% Of Brits Want To Escape The Cold This Winter!

A recent survey carried out by voucher website My Voucher Codes has found that a massive 58% of Brits will be looking to sunnier shores in order to escape the harsh British winter this year. The study was conducted between 2,158 UK adults and found some interesting figures around those looking to get away from Britain during the chilly months. The reasons for this are unclear but with dropping temperatures and Britain’s imminent departure from the European Union playing a role, it is easy to see why so many are looking to quit the UK for some warmth this year.


Types of Holiday

When polled around what types of holiday the people who were asked would be looking to go on, the results were as follows.

– Abroad somewhere hot – 58%
– Abroad somewhere cold – 23%
– A cottage in the UK – 12%
– A hotel in the UK – 5%
– Abroad seeing family – 2%

As mentioned in this article, Christmas is a popular time for many to travel but what is interesting is the sheer number of people asked who are looking to go away for some sun during this time. The 23% of people who answered that they would be looking to go somewhere cold is nothing out of the ordinary as many head to the likes of Switzerland, France and Italy for the snow season and skiing holidays.

Why The People Were Heading Away

Following the response from so many who were looking to get away at Christmas time, the website then asked Why would you want to go away for Christmas? These were the results that were given.

– I want to have a change – 53%
– I don’t like the cold weather – 23%
– I want to go somewhere Christmassy like Lapland– 19%
– I don’t celebrate Christmas – 3%
– Family live abroad – 1%
– Get away from family – 1%

This again is some interesting results, Christmas is famously a time of tradition amongst families, a time when they stay together and usually unite in one of the family members’ houses. The idea that so many people would be looking for a change this year comes from a number of factors, thing like lower prices in flights and holiday packages and people simply becoming sick and tried of the cold weather that hits during this time of year.

Managing Director of My Voucher Codes, Chris Reilly had his say on the results of the poll:

For many people Christmas can feel like you’re doing the same thing year after year. A different experience at Christmas might just be what you need, a Christmas spent sipping cocktails on a beach somewhere hot is one you won’t forget in a hurry!”

 Getting away for Christmas is nothing new but the high figures of people who are looking to sunny climbs for their festive season is quite astonishing and, whilst only 2,158 people were polled, if this is an indication of the general feeling of the nation then Christmas as we know it could well be changing.
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