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6 Ideas for a Weekend Break In Europe

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You are definitely reading the right article if you are trying to figure out the best things to do when traveling to Europe for the weekend. This continent literally consists of countries that will suit your every need. For the purpose of an efficient read, I’ve listed three out of many others that you should certainly take a look at.

Take a trip to France. It has breathtaking cities, fantastic food, and tasty wine:

1. Paris may be one of the most romantic places on the face of this Earth. The Futurescope in Poitier is a place that you just have to visit if you are into cinema and technologically advanced faire. It’s a theme park located in St Cloud which is great for families because the kids will have an absolute blast. They exhibit lots of great films and the Futurescope provides a litany of interactive activities.


2. If you are more of the outdoorsy type, you should definitely go hiking through the Alps. There are nature reserves, lakes and mountains to keep you busy. For the historical landmark lovers, look no further than Normandy France which is home to the Abbey of St. Michael. Millions of People visit there every year because it’s a marvel of medieval architecture.


For luxury watch enthusiasts, cheese lovers and the best chocolate in the world, Switzerland should definitely be on your itinerary:


3. While in Switzerland you should stop in Zurich, it is a top sightseeing destination with its old town aesthetics, and beautiful galleries. Once night falls get ready to dance and socialize because Zurich is the place to go for clubbing. They have the most clubs per person in Europe. Sticking with the club vibe, after you awake in the afternoon, you should go to the street parade held on the shores of Lake Zurich. It is actually a huge techno music party.


4. To unwind and relax, take a dip in the hot springs or thermal baths of Vals. You can soothe those muscles and rejuvenate your mind body and soul.


You can’t go to Europe without visiting Spain. You would be doing yourself a hug injustice. They have festivals galore, fantastic weather and plenty of beaches for you to enjoy the warmth:


5. The Bennicasim is one of the most famous music festivals in Europe. It attracts musical superstars from all around the world.


6. If volcanic rocks, salt flats, marine life and coral reefs float your boat, the Cabo de Gata is right up your alley. It has garnered the distinction of being Andalucia’s biggest coastal protected area and terrestrial maritime reserve. For the climbers, trekkers and walkers, the Pyrenees Mountains in Northern Spain should quench your thirst for hiking. Be prepared to see majestic lakes and clear water because this locale has been inaccessible to spoilage, as it is absolutely pristine!

Now you have a good idea of what you can experience as you travel through Europe for the weekend trip of a lifetime. Enjoy yourself and all that life has to offer. The earth is huge and filled with many delights and surprises. Take lots of pictures and remember to send post cards back home from each stop. You only live once, so live it up.

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