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6 Places to See in Ireland

6 Places to See in Ireland

Ireland is one of the most stunningly beautiful countries in Europe, and it is no surprise that many of its visitors are captivated by its alluring beauty. Its ancient and medieval monuments as well as its natural heritage make it an ideal destination for tourists. There are so many things to see in this lovely and enchanting country, and presented below are six of the most wonderful places to see in Ireland.

1. Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher are among Ireland’s top tourist attractions, reaching almost a million visitors in 2006 alone. As an ecotourism destination, the cliffs have been carefully developed with a keen attention to preserving the natural environment and making use of renewable energy. Planning and building took seventeen years and cost thirty two million euro. Available to the visiting public are interactive media that explain the cliffs’ geological history and explore its native flora and fauna. The Visitor Experience gives tourists an incredible view of the cliffs and access to its underwater caves. The cliffs can also be seen at sea level through chartered ferry trips.

2. Guinness Storehouse

Guinness Storehouse is a tourist attraction in Dublin that is centered on the famous Guinness beer. It has seven floors which surround an atrium made of glass shaped like a Guinness pint. At the ground floor, visitors can explore and learn about Arthur Guinness, the beer’s namesake and founder, as well as each of the brew’s ingredients, namely yeast, hops, barley, and water. The topmost floor has a bar that has a great view of the city, wherein visitors can sample a Guinness pint. The other floors explore Guinness’ advertising history and the merits of moderate drinking. The Storehouse has had more than 4 million visitors over its 13-year existence.

3. The Ring of Kerry

This destination is located in County Kerry, and it is a circular route spanning 179 kilometers and encompassing various tourist attractions within it. The major attractions included in the Ring are as follows:

· the Stone Pillars

· the Beehive Cells

· Skellig Michael

· Sneem Church & Cemetery

· O’Connell Church

· Kellegy Church,

· Franciscan Friary

· Muckross House

· Torc Waterfall

· Ladies View

· Moll’s Gap

· Kenmare Lace

· Staigue Fort

· Skellig Experience

· Derrynane House

· Cahersiveen Heritage Center

· Rossbeigh Beach

· Bog Village

· Gap of Dunloe

· Lough Leane

· Ross Castle

There are numerous ways of circling the ring, with additional paths specifically established for cycling and walking. The cycling path includes Valentia Island and a number of beaches.

4. Killarney National Park

This is the first established national park in the country, and currently has almost 103 square kilometers of various ecological landscapes, including woodlands, lakes, native forests, moorland, parks, gardens, bogs, waterways, and mountains. Its extremely diverse and extensive habitats, which contain ecologically important plants and animals, has made it one of UNESCO’s Biosphere Reserves, which makes it a special area for landscape, plant and wildlife conservation. It also serves as the habitat of Ireland’s lone Red Deer herd. The park also showcases many stunning sceneries that tourists will certainly enjoy.

Specific points of interest include the Inisfallen Abbey ruins in Lough Leane; Muckross Abbey; the tower house known as Ross Castle; Muckross House; Knockreer Estate; the bridge of Old Weir; Dinis Cottage; Tomies Oakwood; O’Sullivan’s Cascade; Torc Waterfall; and Kenmare Road.

5. Newgrange

This prehistoric monument was built in 3,200 B.C. It is an national heritage that has the distinction of being older than the pyramids of Egypt and Stonehenge. It consists of a circular mound connected to a passageway with internal chambers. The mound’s front retaining wall has kerb-stones with artwork engravings.

Aside from speculating that it was used as a religious monument, no consensus has been reached by archaeologists and researchers regarding its purpose. This megalith is similar to other structures in Wales, Scotland and other ancient European monuments. It is also a feature of Irish folklore and myth, and is popular among tourists today.

6. Blarney Stone

This tourist attraction is located in Blarney Castle, and is composed of bluestone that, according to popular legend from the late 18th century, is said to endow whoever kisses it with an exceptional skill in eloquent speech. Blarney Stone has drawn millions of tourists worldwide, including popular celebrities and important statesmen, with the purpose of kissing the stone with the hopes of acquiring its gift. Blarney Castle itself is a charming site, with beautiful gardens and lovely architecture.

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