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6 Reasons To Visit Tanzania

Young adult male lion on savanna. Safari in Serengeti, Tanzania, Africa

Tanzania is a land of contrasts, from the mountain peaks of Kilimanjaro standing at 5896 meters as the roof top of Africa to the sun swept beaches of Zanzibar’s coral reefs and sandbars on the East side of the tiny island, where at low tide you can view pools containing starfish, small minnow and anemones on the Swahili coast line and swimming and surfing to the west. Tanzania has plenty of fun and adventure for everyone.

Landing in Dar es Salaam you will want to take in some of the local culture and atmosphere of this seaport town. Whether you arrive by Airplane, drive or cruise ship, Dar es Salaam is a major city in Tanzania and great first destination for the weary traveler to take in the sights and sounds at a casual pace.

After your arrival be sure to take a lazy day and visit the Botanical gardens, Mnazi Mmoja park and the treasures of Africa for authentic Zanzibar furniture being made. You can also visit the Golf driving range to practice your swing near Oyster bay and the ferry terminal, or blow off some steam with Tanzania’s nightlife before you take on the major attractions.

Some of the other things to do while in Tanzania are

1. Diving
2. Fishing
3. Boating
4. Going on safari
5. Ballooning
6. Mountain climbing.

Now onto the major attractions.

Mt Kilimanjaro

Now that you have relaxed, done all your shopping and played some golf, it is time to hit the road and see this great land. First on your list is Mt Kilimanjaro, near the town of Moshi. Considered the roof top of Africa at almost 6000 meters, You can hike trails to the peak and take in the tremendous view of the lower grasslands and gently rolling hills. As you hike to the top of Kilimanjaro the air thins and the landscape changes, from the thick lowland forest to open alpine meadows. Mt Kilimanjaro is a protected area, open to climbers and hikers alike.

Ngorongoro crater

As one of the 7 natural wonders of Africa, Ngorongoro is considered by many as Africa’s garden of Eden with lush green landscapes and herds of Zebra and wildebeest grazing along the craters rim, and sleeping lions lazing in the sun. This 8300 square kilometer nature reserve is also considered the cradle of life, where skeletal remains of Australopithecus Boisei dating back 1.8 million years were found. You can hike and trek through the conservation area or take vehicle safaris to visit Ngorongoro crater.

Ruaha National Park

From the moment your plane touches down from Dar es Salaam you will be engulfed in wildlife, from the Giraffe that clumsily races along the side of the airstrip to a parade of zebras. Ruaha National park encompasses 3,980 square miles of bush and grasslands boasting over 10,000 wild elephants, the largest population of any park in Africa, and their young.
Just 80 miles north of Iringa, Ruaha National park is also home to over 450 different types of birds, 20 prides of lions on the savannah and impala, antelope and cheetahs in the open grasslands.
To travel through the untouched bush, you can take walking tours or hiking safaris, or visit the important historical site and stone age ruins of Isimila 75 miles away.

Tanzania is a land like no other, where you can visit ancient man and see wildlife (and the Wild life of the club scene) and mountain ranges all in the same day. Tanzania is the place to be for your next wildlife adventure.

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