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6 Romantic Vacation Ideas

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Romance is in the air as you and your loved one travel the world, viewing it together in a lifetime of memories that you both can share. But where do you start making the memories and how can you be creative enough to sweep her off her feet every time, making her fall in love with you again and again.

Relax Bay Resort, Thailand

Known for it’s world class cuisine, Relax bay offers local Thai and French dishes that run over with Romance and love. Spend the day pampering her on the relaxing white sand beaches and a massage, then pop the question at Dinner. Just South of Krabi along the Andaman coastline, Relax bay resort offers the perfect spot to say ” I love you”. Relax bay offers bungalows on the beach to set the mood and privacy not found in other tourist attractions. The perfect getaway for a couple in love.

Traavasa Hana, Maui

When thinking of romantic getaways the Hawaiian Islands are one of the first places that come to mind. With tropical beaches and warm waters, Hawaii is a travel destination for young and old lovers alike, wanting a romantic Island to frolic and be with one another.
With six islands to choose from and so many choices and beaches it is hard to narrow it down to just one place, so if you are looking for a romantic place with privacy and seclusion then stay away from the usual tourist offerings and hit one of the lesser known beaches and resorts of Traavasa Hana. A short trip by plane to the East coast of this smaller Island offers privacy and exclusion from the outside world. With No television or clocks, you are free to let your imagination run wild in this tropical paradise as you enjoy the Ocean view and Sunsets together with the one you love. Cuddle up and listen to the sounds of the rain forest, and enjoy meals prepared by the local resort restaurant.

St Lucia, Caribbean

The small islands of the Caribbean are lesser know destinations that have been off the travel radar for years offering seclusion in a natural setting unlike any other place on earth. With it’s dark sands and plant life, St Lucia is underdeveloped and remote. The island has a handful of resorts including three Sandals resorts, which account for over 70% of overnight stays and lesser known resorts of Anse Chastanet, Ladera and Jaloiuse Plantation. St Lucia island is also a popular stay on cruise lines which account for daily activity.

La Maison Arabe, Marrakesh

Sitting on the northern section of the African continent in the seductive city of Morocco or Marrakesh, La Maison Arabe is the epitome of elegance, from lantern lit courtyards to hidden alcoves, La Maison Arabe will soften the heart and flare up passion. Lounge in luxury with silks and tassels and cushions with your loved one. Although not a private hideaway, Marrakesh is wonderful and exotic You can explore the Arab and Berber culture, take on the multitude of tourist activities or hideaway in your plush hotel room and be treated like royalty by the friendly staff.

Twin Farms, Vermont

If oversea travel is not in your budget or time frame, then a visit to Twin Farms in Vermont may be just the place for you. Located near Barnard Vermont, Twin Farms offers 300 acres of privacy in cabins, some dating back to 1798. Just three hours away from Boston, it is the perfect weekend getaway for you and your loved one. You can stay in your cabin and snuggle and spend time alone, or travel the countryside together. Local activities such as blowing fine glassware at the Simon Pearce factory in Quechee, or the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park offer daily activities you will not find elsewhere.

Imanta Resort, Mexico

Just 27 miles away from Puerto Vallarta, Imanta Mexico offers 250 acres of jungle wildlife, adjoined with 160,000 acres of the Sierra de Vallejo National wildlife refuge to explore and share with a loved one. The warm weather and tropical jungle will delight the senses of sight, sound and smell in an experience that few others have shared. Make memories and explore the Imanta resort with a travel guide or stay inside and enjoy the tropical breeze and warm weather.

Out of all your travel destinations, remember that romance is where you make it, and comes from the heart, not your location.

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