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6 Tips to Keep in Mind when Travelling with your Baby to Singapore

Staying cooped up in the house after the birth of a baby is an option many mothers are forced to accept. But for those who feel that being a mother is an episode of life that needs to be enjoyed to the fullest, travelling is a brilliant idea. Singapore, a beautiful country so close to India, could be a wonderful location for not only its proximity but also for several child-friendly amenities it has. But there are many things to keep in mind when travelling with a baby to a foreign land. In Singapore, littering is an offence, as is chewing gum or spitting and Jaywalking.

There are more than 26 flights from Mumbai to Singapore with very cheap fares, ranging from approximately Rs 8000 to Rs 14,000. The duration is also quite short. Why not give it a try?

Here are some tips to contemplate when you travel to Singapore with an infant.

  1. When you do your Mumbai to Singapore flights booking, remember to let the airlines know that you would be travelling with a baby and will require assistance on the flight and at both airports. In most cases, if the baby is more than two days old, you will need to book a ticket for him/her. Generally, the baggage allowance for infants on flights to Singapore is approximately 10kgs, but one can check in a collapsible stroller free of charge. It is also good to enquire whether you would be getting a bassinet for the baby to sleep in as this would mean a relaxed travel option for both you and the child.
  2. Infant meals are offered on some flights, but it is best to check that while booking. There are also no restrictions on carrying milk and medicines for your baby in your hand luggage. However, it is advisable to carry the milk in a small cooler bag as airlines might not have required space or provision for storing infant milk. Whatever the duration of the flight, you should always carry provisions for your child on the flight.

Given here is checklist to help you pack for your baby:

  • Passport
  • Diapers
  • Bibs
  • Disposable bags to keep used diapers or dirty clothes in
  • Wet wipes
  • Bottled food and spoons
  • Burp cloths
  • Blankets
  • Medicines
  • Milk
  • Stroller
  1. Book your accommodation before you arrive at Singapore, so that you can collect your luggage, board a taxi or hired car straight away and head for some much-needed peace time. It is always a good idea to book your accommodation near the city centre rather than a remote location. There are many child-friendly hotels in Singapore for you to choose from depending on your budget.
  2. It is not difficult to move around in Singapore with a baby in a stroller. All buses, subways, taxis and trains are stroller friendly as are the malls and restaurants. But on a bus, the stroller has to be put away and child carried in your arms. Car seats are not a must in taxis, so keep your infant close. The best way to see the city is by walking – so stroll along the waterfront promenade and take the walkway from Merlion Park to the Esplanade, admire the spectacular Helix Bridge, visit the Arts and Science Museum or catch a fantastic light and water show at the Event Plaza.
  3. If you must go shopping, avoid crowded malls during the weekend and try to shop during weekdays at off-peak times. On the whole, Singapore is one of safest cities in Asia where it is perfectly safe to avail of public transport even late at night.
  4. Another brilliant way to go sightseeing in Singapore is to take the hop-on-hop-off bus tours that have tickets spanning 24-48 hours for prices between SG$39-40. In some cases, walking tours are also included within the price of the ticket. These tickets can be bought online when you make bookings of Mumbai Singapore flights.

If you are a responsible parent and can keep your baby safe, there’s no place on earth that you should not go to. Preparing in advance for the trip is the key.

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