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7 Living Room Ideas (and Mistakes to Avoid)

Your living area is one of the few spaces of your house that functions as a space of relaxation as well as for entertaining. Therefore, you’d want this area to encapsulate this essence; hence, here are some ideas to make your living room more appealing, and some mistakes to avoid.

1: Functional Items Are Key

Apartments for sale in CityWalk are in high demand as the community features both, cozy and palatial apartments. If you’re apartment is a cosy one then making some more space would be your main concern. Therefore, pieces which have the ability to perform more than one task is key here. Think of stools which double as additional seats or as a small coffee table.

2: Add Light

There are two main ways to add light to your area, through the use of light fixtures or natural light. Adequate lighting adds not only much-needed light to your living room but depending on the type of fixture that you choose, it can also add a wow factor and a touch of class. Adding mirrors also doubles the volume of light as it bounces off reflective surfaces.

3: Use Accent Pillows

Pillows are a great way to add a splash of colour to your living area. For a trendy and stylish appeal, play with different colours and textures.

4: Incorporate traditional and fresh pieces

New projects by Meraas certainly offer an upscale and lavish appearance to any apartment. Give your living area a unique look by mixing traditional Arabic pieces with the latest trends. This fills your room with personality, charm and certainly stands out from the many other apartments in Dubai.

5: Avoid Placing Furniture Against Walls

It is every human’s natural instinct to place furniture against the walls with hopes of making the living area look grander. But, due to the fact that the living room is meant for conversation, warmth and entertaining, pulling your seats closer to each other would create a more welcoming space.

6: Avoid Using the Wrong Rug Size

Often times, many people forget that the correct use of an area rug can add another layer of elegance to the space. But, the incorrect use can leave your room looking old and out-dated. The goal is to create an accent rather than covering your entire room with a rug.

7: Avoid Hanging Art Too Low or Too High

Do not add art to your wall just for the sake of adding it. Be sure to take into account the height of your ceiling and be sure to test the position before mounting it to ensure it looks as appealing as possible.

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