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7 Tropical Vacation Ideas

Palm Beach, Aruba

Nothing beats a Tropical vacation! Sun-kissed beaches, dramatic landscapes and lush forests are a few things that make these vacations all the more memorable. Tropical holidays are ideal not just to get away from the cold winter weather, but also provide an excellent time to relax and distress amidst nature at its purest form. With so many destinations to chose from, it not uncommon for you to be plagued with the questions of which tropical destination to choose. Listed below are the top 7 holiday vacation spots across the globe.


The moment you mention the word tropical, Bali immediately comes to mind. Known as the “Island of God,” Bali has become a popular holiday destination, especially during the winters. Bali is a place like no other. It offers its visitors everything that’s needed to make a vacation perfect – beaches, diving, surfing, traditional music and dance, exquisite cuisine and some of the best hotels and resorts. The locals are joyous and being humorous is in their bones. You can never have a dull moment on your trip to this exotic land.

Big Island, Hawaii

Rightly named “Big Island”, this island is the youngest but biggest island in the chain of Hawaii Islands. It is characterized by breath-taking landscapes, sandy beaches and clear blue waters. Big Island is also home to Maunaloa (the biggest mountain in the world), Maunakea (the tallest sea mountain in the world) and Kilauea (the most active volcano in the world). It presents visitors with a large canvas to explore nature at its best.

Phuket, Thailand

Phuket’s balmy waters and lush tropical beauty are responsible for drawing in millions of visitors each year. Touted to be the biggest island of Thailand, Phuket offers visitors a great place to relax and steal away from their daily routines. It has a plethora of activities, ranging from snorkeling, diving, sailing and island hopping. This is accompanied by great cuisine and extremely friendly locals. Accommodation is also top class there.

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

A tropical vacation getaway list is incomplete if you don’t mention the Grand Cayman, Cayman. It is home to the Seven Mile Beach, which is arguably the finest beach in the world. It is the largest of the three Cayman islands. If beaches, shopping and sightseeing are things that make your vacation perfect, Grand Cayman is definitely your go-to place


Aruba arguably have one of the most consistent perfect weathers for a Caribbean vacation. The warm temperatures, cool breeze, sunny skies and perfectly still waters makes this place an dream destination for all holiday goers. Waterfront restaurants, shopping centers, beaches, adventurous activities and great resorts are some factors that characterize Aruba the best.

Puerto Rico

If scenic beauty and historical importance is what you’re looking for in your tropical vacation, there’s no place better than Puerto Rico. This natural jewel box can satisfy just about any tourists – the beach bums, rainforest explorers, big-wave surfers and history enthusiasts. Its coral reef, misty mountains and unique collection of forests are enough to many any visitor want to extend his trip.

Florida Keys

Florida Keys is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States, offering visitor endless tropical getaway opportunities. With more than 1,7000 islands, this archipelago is rightly referred to as Paradise on Earth. Ranging for activities to beaches, sightseeing to simply relaxing in a plush resort, Florida Keys offers it all.


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