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An Exclusive Adventure With Soma Journeys

Soma Journeys

Does the mystery of the unknown excite you? Want to learn about ancient wisdom traditions and connect with extraordinary sites? Travel as an insider and have intimate experiences with the people, the culture and their local cuisine?

Soma Journeys design tailor-made journeys for you to some of the world’s most exciting destinations. They are passionate about travel and do extensive on-the-ground research to guarantee the best experience of what a country has to offer.

Here’s an excerpt of a recent interview with Soma Journeys founder, Cristy Elmendorp:

How did Soma Journeys come about?

In 2005, I worked for an educationally oriented travel company called Rare Journeys, where we led trips, pilgrimages, and travel seminars in Tibet, Mongolia, Bhutan, and Myanmar (Burma). After several years of extensive traveling, my view on travel had shifted. I was drawn to a way of travel that was as much of an inner journey as well as an outer one and longed to get in touch with the soul of a place and its people.

Where does Soma Journeys go to?

I have a deep love for the more remote areas that offer a way of life that is often hard to find in today’s modern world. There’s a different rhythm which feels more natural to me.

What can you expect on a Soma Journey?

Each Soma Journey is always a one-off travel adventure with its main focus on exploring places and subjects that both engage your mind and delight your senses as we gently guide you through new and unfamiliar terrain. Based on extensive on the ground research, we look for the finest lodgings, find out where you can get the best local cuisine, and arrange personal encounters with exceptional people.

What is the meaning behind Soma Journeys?

Soma was a plant that was found in Vedic sanskrit texts and it part of a nectar that was drunk by the Gods. I believe that within each of us resides a divine being and my idea with Soma Journeys is to create a space that allows one to connect with that divinity. When we travel there is an opportunity to temporarily leave behind our daily routines and habitual thought patterns allowing for fresh new discoveries and a sense of wonderment on both an outer level as well as an inner level.

What inspired you to start Soma Journeys and The Soma Society?

I started travelling at a very young age and always found it to be a source of fresh ideas and new perspectives. This inspired me to share my experiences with others and, now both through Soma Journeys and The Soma Society, to facilitate travel to cultures and environments that provide a space for reflection and inspire new ways of thinking and being.

Join Soma Journeys on one of their unique adventures organized for small exclusive groups or have one of their team design your very own personalized journey and make your travel dreams come true.


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