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Astounding American Attractions for all the Family

When you go for a holiday with the family, you don’t want to go to a destination that is drab and where everyone leaves on a low. You want to go to a location that leaves you buzzing for months and bragging to everyone about your fascinating trip. In America there’s an array of attractions that will thrill and that all your family will treasure. Get your theme park tickets beforehand and take a trip to one of these extraordinary destinations.

Disney World Resort

This world renowned entertainment complex lives up to its name; it takes you to a whole new world. With grand theme parks, wonderful water parks and much more, you’ll be spoilt for choice at all the recreation you’ll be able to indulge in. This place is not just for kids, see your spouse smile from ear to ear as she braves the rides and meets childhood loved Disney characters: a trip that stays in the minds of all who visit.

Universal Studios

This exceptional park dates back to the 1990s but it’s far from dated in its appearance. It reflects the entertainment industry that everyone is attracted to. Universal Studios offers a range of stimulating scenery from theme parks to bustling bars that will keep you enthralled during your whole stay there. Rides for all ages: face your fears and go on a rollercoaster that is not for the faint hearted; these rides are exhilarating for people of all ages. Even for those who are not so keen on rides, there are a variety of shows to sweep you off your feet.


Be at one with marine life at this location. You don’t have to be limited to taking in the amazing aquatic world (which is hardly a restriction), you can face the speediest and longest rollercoaster at this resort named after one of the fastest sharks: Mako. From penguins to a parade of fish, turtles to killer whales and more, there’s a host of sea creatures you can cast your eyes on. There’s nothing holding you back here, feast on some of the delicacies at the food festival or see if there are some bargains in the selection of shops.

Busch Gardens

If you like the idea of observing the various wildlife this world has to offer, then Busch Gardens is a great place to visit. It’s an exotic and exciting location that carries an African theme. One of Americas biggest zoos that boast of 12,000 animals. It spans across 300 acres so there’ll be a large amount of spectacular sites to take in on every corner. One of Tampa Florida’s treasures this theme park is one to behold.

LegoLand Resort Florida

This destination will get your kids on a high. Piece together the perfect holiday (just like lego) at this wonderful resort. Where the toys that revolutionised ours and our children’s life’s become tangible and are experienced on an even greater scale.

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