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Best Things to do in Bali

Indonesia is a one of the World’s largest archipelagos with just over 300 islands making up the nation and the the most famous among them, Bali, is to where we turn our attention today. Bali perfectly blends all that is good about Indonesia, stunning beaches, vibrant atmosphere, religious artefacts and gorgeous scenery. If you are planning on a trip to Indonesia then you simply must’t avoid Bali. There are endless opportunities for fun and travel in Bali and here are the top things to do when you’re there.



Bali has gained iconic status as a party resort, the island has nightclub strips with themed bars and clubs and during the day it is the beach bars where you will find the best place to start your party. Kuta, a town in the south of the island is where the real action takes place and it is a non-stop 24 hour party haven. Each year thousands of tourists, particularly Australians flood Bali looking for cheap drinks, great music and lively venues and nobody leaves disappointed.

Monkey Forest


Ubud’s Monkey Forest is a nature reserve that features 3 Hindu temples, the grounds of the nature reserve are home to, as I’m sure you’ve already guessed, monkeys, in this case crab-eating macaques, around 600 of them freely roam the grounds of the reserve which also acts a sanctuary for these creatures. The nature reserve is considered, in line with the beliefs surrounding the temples, to be a place of spiritual sanctuary and conservational awareness. The park sees around 10,000 visitors per month and it is a fantastic place to spend one of your days when you’re in Bali.

Sunset Cruise


What better way to appreciate this beautiful island than to sign up for one of the sunset cruises that’s on offer. You’ll leave at around 6pm for a short voyage on the calm surf with wonderful views of Bali behind you. Following that you will take a meal on deck, enjoy a glass of your favourite tipple and watch the sun disappear into the ocean before returning. Beautiful and romantic. The cruises are offered by many tour operators and hotels in Bali. Incidentally if you’re looking for hotels then there are some fantastic deals on Traveloka who offer simple online hotels booking at fantastic prices.

Uluwatu Temple


This stunning temple is set at the top of a cliff that at it’s peak offers some of the most breathtaking views of the Ocean. The temple is one six ‘Pillars’ that are considered to be the most important in Indonesia, it is isn’t necessarily the largest of temples but it is well worth seeing for the views alone. The temple is inhabited by monkeys, spiritual creatures to Hindus and it is a lot of fun to watch them leap and hop around within the temple walls. I must warn you that when you’re in the temple you must beware a little of a the monkeys, they won’t harm you but they have been know to steal items from visitors.


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