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Booking Late or Booking Early, Which is Your Best Bet?

The old aged adage seems to be that the later you book a trip away, the better prices you will get. Unfortunately, this information is misguided given the digital age that we are living in. Perhaps in the old book-a-holiday-on-teletext days, this was a conceivable idea as more and more airlines and tour operators looked to get their vessels filled up.

Some years ago however, travel companies cottoned-on to the idea that many customers were disgruntled if they had paid a higher price because of their early bird bookings, than their last minute counterparts, and so things changed a little bit. This is not to say that you are completely unable to get a week in the sun for a low price if you book late or that you can’t find a great late deal on a cruise. Let’s have a look at what booking early and late means.

Booking Early

Booking your vacations early is recommended if you have vacation time that is restricted because of your day job, and especially if you have kids who must take vacations during holiday time only. To be honest, in these situations, it would be far less stressful if you get your vacations booked early, rather than holding out for last minute bargain. The same goes if you are heading away for a particular event, if your dates are set in stone, then book up as soon as you can.

Booking Late

There are many perks to booking late and if you like to be spontaneous then this is most definitely the way for you. If you have your heart set on a week in Spain, then get it booked when you see it, if however you are simply looking for a sunny break, then you can cast your net wider and book as late as possible to see if you can grab a great deal. If you have flexibility then you can find good, low priced deals, although the location may not be what you had in mind.

Cheapest Deals?

And so, down to the question, when are the cheapest deals available. Well in truth, and despite the fact that you can most definitely find some good deals last minute, the best time to book if you are looking to save money, is as early as you possibly can. Most major airlines increase prices as demand surges which means that closer to the time of your trip, the costs will be much higher. If you sign up to mailing lists from travel agents and tour companies, you can make sure that you find out as soon as flights are scheduled. Very often you will find that there are earl bird deals such as free meals and reduced prices on seating, book early and you can count on saving stacks of cash.

Which will it be for you in the coming year, a well planned vacation or a risky wait to grab a bargain?

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