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Corsica – France’s Mediterranean Jewel


If you’ve started looking into your next great vacation abroad for this summer you might be considering an island getaway of some kind. Europe and further afield have a number of islands that are perfect for both family and romantic getaways, none so much as the Mediterranean region. With so many beautiful islands to choose from it could seem daunting trying to choose the perfect one, but with options such as Corsica, it doesn’t have to be. Read ahead to learn more about this beautiful island and why it should be the next place you choose for your getaway this summer.

Corsica – What and Where?

Corisca is an island region of France, south east of mainland France in the Mediterranean Sea and west of Italy. It’s conveniently located north of the Italian island of Sardinia, making it a great place to base yourself if you’re looking to explore both islands during your holiday. With a number of daily ferries to Corsica, you can explore both islands with ease, making your holiday even more memorable.

Why Corsica?

Corsica is ideally placed to enjoy warm Mediterranean weather, perfect for doing things such as sightseeing and various activities including hiking and water sports such as yachting around the coastline and outlying islands such as to Elba and Montecristo. Starting your holiday in Bastia in the north of the island is a great way to see some of the best coastal paths for outdoor lovers such as the Sentier des Douaniers, an unspoilt trail ideal for hikes. Bastia itself is prime for those who love getting lost in winding backstreets and exploring historic old city centres, whiling away the hours on patios sipping local vintage wines or craft beers.

North-Central Corsica

Heading further south, the next perfect location is the Restonica Gorges. Another ideal place to unwind, relax and get back to nature through hikes in the wooded areas teeming with plant life, waterfalls, streams and the like – perfect for nature lovers.


If you’re a history buff though, don’t worry. Corsica’s largest city, Ajaccio, is home to Maison Bonaparte – also known as Napoleon’s home which has since been turned into a museum and is a prime attraction for those who love history and museums.

Southern Corsica

Along the southern portion of the island is a number of beautiful outdoor places featuring beaches, cliffs and more – ideal for relaxation and really getting back to basics with a picnic seaside and just chilling out and enjoying the sunny days on the sand. Bonifacio is an ideal region, nestled against the sea with a number of beautiful natural wonders to be explored, perfect for the whole family.

So there you have a couple of reasons to visit Corsica this summer and where on the island you should check out. For more information check out this great article about the area, which is where we got our inspiration for this article about the island and its surroundings. Corsica has a bit of something for everyone, and with ferries to nearby Sardinia it’s never been easier to visit both of these popular islands on a trip to the region. We have included the great infographic below to help you plan your trip. Pack your bags and hit the road – Corsica is waiting for you!

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