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Crystal Clanton Tips On Shaving Dollars Off Your Flights

If you like to travel then you surely want to try and find the cheapest way in which you can do so, just like myself. Two years ago I decided to leave everything behind and head off to travel the world and within that of course I had the challenge on trying to save money on my flights. A good friend of mine who started traveling before I did was able to help me out here and Crystal Clanton was able to share some great tips with me on how she saves money on her flights. And so if you want to save money on your travel plans, here is what you need to be thinking about.

Benefits and Rewards

If you travel a lot, be it for pleasure or business, a great way to save money on flights is to use your credit cards. There are loads of credit card companies out there who apply rewards and bonuses on what you spend, which you can then covert into points to save you money on your travels. There are numerous cards out there which offer this so be sure to check out whether or not you are getting the right rewards on your credit card.


Skyscanner and Momondo are the only websites which you need to check when you are searching for flights, they are flight aggregators which will always bring you the very best flight prices. These sites check everywhere online so that you don’t have to and in the 2 years since I have been traveling, I have never seen either of these two websites beaten for flight prices. The sites are easy to use and have a huge array of options which you can use to make sure that you get the perfect deal.


Would you consider connecting in an airport en route to your destination? If you are prepared to do that then you can count on saving a lot of money on your overall trip. A flight from New York to Amsterdam for example will take 9 hours and set you back around $600 or more. A flight between these two destinations with a small layover on the other hand could bring the cost down to $400, and all that saving will cost you is a small amount of your time, don’t discount connections.


If you are buying a flight in another country from the one which you will be traveling in, especially if it is a domestic airline, you may be paying higher prices. TO counteract this problem you can utilize a VPN which simulates your IP as though you are in the country where you will be traveling. Let’s say you are booking a flight with Avianca from Medellin to Bogota, if you are outside Colombia the price could be higher so you can use the VPN to simulate your location as Colombia, and then get the best prices.

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