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Drive In Restaurants Near Perth Airport You Must Eat At


Perth is an amazing city in Australia that perhaps attracts fewer visitors than the cities of Melbourne and Sydney. Of course, the latter two cities are the largest in Australia, and they’re consequently easier to access from many international airports around the world. However, with Perth being a little smaller, travellers have the opportunity to find some quieter hotspots than the huge cities have to offer and yet still enjoy vibrant nightlife, amazing restaurants, a stunning skyline, and beautiful beaches.

Of course, though Perth may be smaller than Sydney and Melbourne, it’s still not what would be described as a small city. It’s home to just under two million people, and that means getting around can take a long time for travellers depending on public transport. Consequently, travellers who want to get around the city at their own leisure often look into car hire.

Many people prefer to have a car at their disposal as soon as they arrive at the airport, and that’s why car rental from Perth airport from www.acerent.com.au is an extremely popular choice. Additionally, this method of car rental means travellers can keep their car until they arrive back at the airport to fly home, and that makes the holiday as convenient as possible in terms of transportation.

However, many people aren’t aware that there’s actually quite a lot to do around the airport itself. In fact, there are too many things to do near the airport to talk about into one article, but this article will highlight some of the best drive in restaurants on offer for those who have an hour or two to kill before they need to check in.

Delicious Food at Drive In Restaurants

Of course, the majority of travellers will want to head to the city centre for the most part of their holiday, but knowing some great drive in restaurants at the airport will give people the opportunity to fit a last minute memory into their trip.

  • The Burger Barn – This fabulous restaurant is only a short drive from the airport, and many people have commented that its burgers are simply to die for. A visit to this establishment may be the perfect way to end an unforgettable holiday.
  • Parklane Chinese Restaurant – This is a small restaurant that is a favourite amongst the locals who live close to the airport. The food isn’t too expensive, and that’s a good thing when it tastes so delicious.
  • 150 EAST bar kitchen – This establishment prides itself on serving delicious and modern Australian dishes and is set in a modern venue that overlooks the river.

There are so many fantastic sights to see and activities to do in Perth that a holiday here promises to be unforgettable, but the restaurants it has to offer shouldn’t be missed out on. Those who want to fit in a last minute feast before their holiday ends should definitely visit one of the restaurants detailed above.

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