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Essential San Francisco Group Tour Stops:

San Francisco has a bit of everything. It’s no less than a potpourri. Be it coveted heritage sites or a crowded market place, be its Victorian architecture or vintage cable cars, be it high-end restaurants of flamboyant bars, San Francisco has anything and everything under the sun. It’s the perfect place for a group tour. It suits every age group. From senior citizens to kids, everybody can make the most of this place and how. And to make your travel pocket-friendly opt for private San Francisco charter or minibus rentals. Now, there are many destinations you can visit while you are in San Francisco but you can’t cover all of them on a week-long trip. To make things simpler for you, here’s a list of must-visit destinations in San Francisco.

Alcatraz Island:

Alcatraz Island is known for housing one of the most notorious and deadliest penitentiaries in the world. Located on the Alcatraz island, it became a tourist attraction in the year 1973. The prison was shut in the year 1963 after working for a period of 30 years. However, it was reopened to serve as a tourist attraction. Be it Al Capone or the famous “Birdman” was jailed in this prison. You can take a ferry to the infamous island, and know about its history via audiotapes. Though it is famous for the prison, the island also is a house for a legion of seabirds.

Golden Gate Park:

Located in the heart of the city, Golden Gate Park is a green space with a number of gardens and museums. In the past, it had nothing but arid sand dunes. However, now it has a network of walking trails and cycling paths.  California Academy of Sciences, Steinhart Aquarium, the Japanese Tea Garden and the San Francisco Botanical Garden are among some of the attractions which Golden Gate Park offers. You can rent bikes to discover each and every corner of the park. It can take a couple of hours or a couple of days to make the most of this place.  This place has a charm which you can’t have enough of.


Chinatown is yet another destination you can’t miss out on. It was rebuilt after it subjected to havoc in the year 1906.  Built in Chinese style, this place has turned out to be more beautiful then what it was years before the 1906 earthquake. It houses theatres, temples, small businesses, stores, workshops, teahouses, souvenir shops etc. It’s a delight to visit this place during Chinese festivals. So, now you know when to visit this place. Isn’t it?


This is a perfect place for children. It is a popular science museum for kids wherein they not only get to learn about the exhibits but also cover various areas of interest. It has a number of activities, which keep children of all age engaged. It certainly is one of the favourite destinations in San Francisco for kids. Also, it’s a favourite among adults as well.

AT and T Park:

If you are a baseball freak, then you must visit this park. Come along with your group and enjoy a game or two. And in case you fail to do so, just walk around the huge park, just to have a closer look. You will get to know about off-the-ground moments which have always left you excited.

These are some of the places you should visit while you are on a group tour to San Francisco. To make your commute more easier opt for San Francisco charter bus rental service. It will make your trip more convenient and cost-effective. So, now book your tickets and pack your bags and make the most of your trip in San Francisco. Also this isn’t it, the list is longer as there are more places in San Francisco which you can’t afford to miss out on.

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