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How a Grown-Up Vacation Compares and Differs from Family Trips

Vacationing has many advantages whether you decide to go solo, as a couple, or take the entire family along to enjoy the fun. With that said, the experience can vary depending on if you’re traveling alone, with someone else, or multiple people.

In fact, vacation experiences can alter before you even leave home, depending on whether it’s adults-only or the whole family coming along. For example, remembering to find a quote for car insurance before hitting the open road is a planning procedure normally reserved just for grown-ups. Checking online for the height requirements of thrill rides, however, is something you’re only probably doing if young kids are part of the trip.

Once the vacation has started is when the distinctions really become pronounced. There will always be disadvantages on excursions because of changes in travel, lodging, or entertainment, but how does taking some off-time with the family differ from vacations for grown-ups? We look at the similarities and the drawbacks in this blog post.

Here is a simplified breakdown for starters:

Benefits of family trips:

  • Bonding with the kids

  • Sharing new experiences

  • Perks like lower admission or free meals for children under a certain age

  • Family-friendly resorts and functions have less or no alcohol

  • Making memories with the whole group

  • Learning about a new culture to expand family horizons

Pros of adults-only excursions:

  • Grown-up activities

  • Cheaper everything – food, travel, souvenirs, hotel stays, and meals

  • Riskier opportunities – skydiving, scuba diving, bungee jumping, paragliding, hiking the pro trails, and motorcycle riding

  • Adult only destinations

  • Time for romance

  • Less formal destinations

  • Relaxing vacation themes

  • Easy to adjust scheduling

Disadvantages of going on vacation without the children

Without the kids, you may feel guilty for sharing something they did not get to experience. You can lose out on valuable opportunities to teach children about new languages, customs, art, and foods when you leave the children back home. Instead of relaxing and unwinding when you travel, you might have worries about the kids that make your vacation sleepless and stressful.

Drawbacks of vacations with the entire family

Taking the entire family on vacation is expensive. Every person you add means additional costs for each part of the excursion. For instance, you have to increase daily meal expenses by three meals per person. Entrance fees at theme parks, nightclubs, and movie theaters multiply by the number of additional vacationers. Choreographing an itinerary that incorporates everything that five, six, or seven people want to do is extremely stressful. Careful foreplanning could alleviate some of this stress, but keeping the group on task is never an easy challenge.

Advantages of any vacation

  • Exploring theme parks, botanical gardens, art galleries, festivals, historic sites, and local events

  • Spending time on vacation is often relaxing and rejuvenating whether as a couple, alone, or with adult children

  • You will make memories no matter who goes on the trip with you

  • Gaining knowledge and learning about new cultures is exciting and inevitable when you travel

  • Learning about each other will make family ties stronger

  • New experiences are exhilarating – exotic foods, luxury hotels, and fun activities will release endorphins and make vacationers feel better

Trips with kids sound amazing, but they can be stressful. We think a long, family vacation and a few weekends for romance can bring a nice balance to family and guilt-free alone time for adults. Many resorts and cruise lines have adults-only bookings where grown-up themes give parents the chance to get away from the stress of kids, work, and life. Both excursion types offer benefits, so taking one of each is a great way to go on a guilt-free adult trip each year without upsetting the kids because they know they are going on the biggest vacation.

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