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How to Get Around in Mexico City

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We get asked many questions here at Tourism Leader about how to get around some of the world’s biggest cities and today we are going to focus on Mexico City, a popular place for many tourists. If you haven’t considered this as a possible holiday destination then you really should, it is a vibrant city with plenty to discover and explore. Check out www.justfly.com the next time you are looking for a trip away, and check out the prices for a vacation to Mexico City, a place which doesn’t disappoint.

Much like every big city in the world Mexico City does have its fair share of petty crime and scams, which concerns a lot of people when it comes to getting around Mexico’s capital. This is an enormous city with 23 million people living in it, which is why using transport is absolutely essential for discovering everything that the city has to offer. There are many modes of transport which you can use in the city so we are going to break down which ones to avoid, which you should be using and what you can expect when you do.


There is a vast subway network running under the city and whilst the trains themselves are very much in need of modernizing and restoring, the service operates very efficiently. Punctuality is something which we don’t always come to expect from latin nations but here in Mexico City the metro service has a high success rate when it comes to arriving on time. The best thing about using the metro is that it will cost just $5 pesos, which is less than 20p, even if you have to get off and change lines, you won’t pay again and you could actually traverse the city on that $5 pesos alone. There is some petty crime in some stations but as long as you have your eyes open you’ll be fine.


The Metrobus is a service which operates in the busiest areas of the city and it is a double-carriage bus which has its own lane on the road, ensuring fast transport. The Metrobus will cost you $6 pesos per journey, so very cheap indeed, and it is very prompt too. There is almost zero crime on these buses because of the cameras in place and this would be the most recommended form of public transport in the city.

Standard Bus/Microbus

You will notice when you are in the city that there are many other types of buses such as green service buses, trolley buses and small buses which are known as microbuses. These all cost $5 pesos but they are not recommended for any tourist who is visiting the city. The microbuses are driven very poorly, they are often robbed and it just isn’t worth it. The green service buses are far safer but there is no timetable to be found online and they very rarely have a destination written on the front. Only those who know the routes take these buses, and this appears to be something which is passed on from generation to generation, rather than finding out through a public resource.


Taxis are abundant in the city and they are either pink and white or red and gold, do not use these taxis when you are in the city. These taxis charge high prices, they have drivers who have no idea where places are so they could take you the wrong way, and there have also been one or two horror stories about kidnappings and attacks. There are better options for getting around the city so whatever you do, don’t grab a taxi.

Ride Sharing

Here in Mexico City there are many ride sharing apps such as Lyft, Didi, Cabify and Uber and they are very well priced indeed. A journey which may cost £60 in London could cost between £5-10, such is the difference in price. These services operate all over the city and they are very secure, and the most convenient way of traveling around. The competition between these companies has resulted in a reduction in price and a better quality of service, you can expect a friendly driver, high quality vehicles and a well-driven vehicle.


Some neighborhoods like Condesa, Roma, Zocalo and Coyoacan are very safe to walk around and it is in fact recommended that you do so, in order to discover aspects of the city which you don’t know existed. These are the main tourist spots and there is no reason that with some common sense, you can’t have a wander around these zones.

There you have it, how to get around Mexico City in a safe and secure way.

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