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Live Rosin Vape — It’s a Thing Now

In the cannabis world, live rosin vape is the perfect alternative to vaping marijuana. It’s the cleanest concentrate available, and it’s accompanied by a familiar flavor, a hint of the flower.

Concentrates have been used for years. As it is, these cannabinoids hold a sizable share of the cannabis market. In 2018, cannabis concentrates generated $3.73 billion in sales. Future sales have nowhere to go but up. Especially now that more refined varieties like live rosin vapes are available.

A closer look at live rosin vape

Live rosin is an upgrade to the established concentrate experience for a few reasons. First of all, people are trying it because it’s a naturally processed concentrate. Live rosin is extracted using temperature and pressure instead of solvents that may be harsh.

The rosin is extracted straight from the plant, THC intact. The final product, once it’s fully processed, is brilliant to behold — like liquid amber crossed with golden honeycomb. And, people are finding it’s closer to the real deal. They have described live rosin as mellow, a quality high with a pure and enjoyable vaping sensation.

Legal cannabis consumption: the perfect place

In California, cannabis consumption is legal. It’s also legal in 10 more states and Canada. But while the recreational use of marijuana is allowed, consuming it in public is not allowed. One place where vaping and smoking marijuana is perfectly legal is a brand new restaurant in West Hollywood.

The only public eatery in the U.S. where you can imbibe the flower in perfect freedom is called Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Café. The swank and trendy Los Angeles eatery opened up its doors on October 1, 2019, in a historic move that ends marijuana prohibition in the nation.

The same line of products offered at Lowell Farms dispensary is served at Lowell’s Café. Lowell Farms, based in Santa Barbara, is a Southern California original natural marijuana grower. It’s all organic, from seed to flower. Their commitment to using organic fertilizers, eco-friendly growing techniques, natural manufacture, and no pesticides — ever — produce a high-quality crop. Lowell’s commitment to all-natural, organic growing also produced a following of local celebs.

Lowell Cafe is partnered with a savvy L.A. nightclub duo who are bringing live music and even more reasons to hang out at the nation’s first cannabis lounge. The A-lister lineup has been buzzing for weeks.

At the Café, expect concierge-like assistance brought to you tableside. Knowledgeable cannabis connoisseurs will walk you through the strains of flower, and guide you along toward the perfect high. They can help with options, like live rosin vape or flower, and explain effects, flavor, and methods to suit you individually.

Head Chef Andrea Drummer

The Café’s crowning jewel is celebrity head chef Andrea Drummer. She has been on the leading edge, innovating marijuana and culinary pairings. Taking the lead with cooking and cannabis, she launched her revolutionary chef creations by hosting meals and events for cannabis-centric celebrities.

She heads the kitchen by creating masterful foods that meld best with cannabis café ambiance. She infuses floral flavors with herbs, spices, and other essences into the food and drink menu. As an innovator of a whole new niche of cuisine, she pairs foods with strains, in essence, curating cannabis. Chef Drummer welcomes any food critic to stop by Lowell’s Café to try one of her pairings.

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