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Must Visit Places to Celebrate Christmas in the US

Christmas is nearing. Most of you must have already started planning different ways to celebrate this with great pomp and style. Some must have planned it to be a family affair and some might have decided to hang out with friends. Some will be at the Church and while some might plan for a break and go for a holiday. No matter how you plan to celebrate it, Christmas brings in joy and happiness. Spend your holidays with the right Christmas spirit by visiting places that will help you rise that spirit.

Christmas celebration differs from places to places and countries to countries. Here are 5 must-visit places to celebrate Christmas in the US. Check them out.

New York City

Christmas in New York City is something that you shouldn’t miss. It is recommended to witness the celebrations in the city at least once in a lifetime. NYC at Christmas time is awesome. Yes, the Christmas tree at Rockefeller is worth a watch. The crowd itself is just amazing that will make you spend your whole time wandering in the city. If you are a tourist, then make sure you decide for your stay in prior so that you don’t need to spend your NYC days in the streets. Also, they will be too pricey during Christmas.

So, to save your time and money, book your rooms now. You can make your reservations online for affordable rooms to spend your vacation at the greatest happening city in the world.


The city of Orlando just brightens up more during the Christmas time. The entire place will be lightened up with beautiful lights, and you can drool over some lip-smacking desserts. Snow on the main streets is another added attraction. You can even enjoy various plays and other Christmas related shows while in Orlando.

Christmas Town, North Carolina

McAdenville is a small city in North Carolina and suddenly it becomes to be known as Christmas Town during December. The population here is very little but the entire city gets lighted up with around 4.5 lakh lights. You can also enjoy a hot kettle corn and some hot chocolate as well free!


It is not just snow during Christmas in the US. You can explore the Hawaiian Islands and watch out for the Boat Parade on the Big Island and you can visit Maui to see the largest Banyan Tree that covers almost two acres!! Book your rooms prior to enjoying a comfortable stay. Online sites like reservations.com help you get the best stay and other facilities at a reasonable price.

Washington D.C

Washington is yet another happening city in the US. The National Tree at the White House is very much popular. Downtown Holiday Market is another attraction where it features hundreds of local artisans and their work. The giant model train and tree courtesy throw light on the friendship and goodwill of the country. At Mount Vernon, you can enjoy a Christmas special candlelight tour with cookies and warm cider.

So, which is your destination to celebrate Christmas?

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