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Planning a Trip To Paris? Check Out This Guide

Planning a Trip To Paris Check Out This Guide

Are you planning a visit to Paris? Then get your luggage ready, and step in to a tour of Paris that will encompass its beauty, history, and charisma. Paris’ offers a vast amount of historical sites, museums, monuments, shopping, dinning establishments, and entertainment to be seen, enjoyed, and experienced. Let this quick guide take you through Paris with ease. Start your visit with a Paris Visitor Passport that will provide you with unlimited transportation through the city. Accompany it with a Paris Museum Pass that will admit you to the many Museums throughout the city. Continue with a walk on Champs-Elysees, then onto the Eiffel Tower, down the Seine River, up to the Cathedral of Notre-Dame, and end with a burlesque experience at Le Moulin Rouge.

Getting Around

Travel through Paris with ease. With the Paris Visitor Passport, you can board buses, trams, or metro to reach your desired destinations. The Passport provides unlimited usage. Use the Passport in conjunction with the Paris Museum Pass to get access to the different museums and monuments located in the city.

Museums and Monuments

Paris has dozens of museums, among the most famous and prominent are the following; the Louvre Museum, the Versailles Estate or Palace, the Towers of Notre-Dame, the Pantheon, and the Arc of Triumph. In the Louvre Museum, you will feast your eyes with exhibitions dating to the mid-19th century. The Louvre is the home of the famous Mona Lisa and The Venus de Milo. Each museum or monument contains its own history and unique qualities.

Shopping and Dinning

After you have satisfied you taste for Museums, Monuments, arts, and history, move on to the Avenue of Champs-Elysees. The avenue offers a unique variety of shops, restaurants, and breathtaking views as you walk along. Visit during the day, and then go back at night to see its unique lighting and décor. Enjoy its street artists, outdoor cafes, designer shops, and delicious French cuisine.

Eiffel Tower

At the end of your walk, cross over and head to the Eiffel Tower. Examine its immense unique structure, climb to the top, and take a view of Paris that will fill your eyes, mind, and soul. At night, the Tower lights up to create a different look that adds beauty and romanticism to this famous structure.

Seine River

Next on the trip is the tour of the Seine River. Climb on board of one of the Cruise boats, and travel along its length to absorb the beauty of the structures and sculptures along the way, the serenity of its waters, and the relaxation of the ride.

Cathedral of Notre-Dame

After the cruise, head to the Cathedral of Notre-Dame, a Gothic styled architecture filled with beauty of its own. Walk inside, get lost walking through its giant arches, peak at its magnificent stained glass windows and sculptures, while creating memories of a lifetime.

Le Moulin Rouge

A visit to Paris is not complete without attending a burlesque entertainment at the famous cabaret Le Moulin Rouge. Enjoy entertainment at its finest. A unique styled performance comprised of music, dancers, acrobats, breathtaking décor, lights, and sparkle that will leave you enchanted. The performance will entice your senses, and awaken the artistic and musical lover in you. All this, while enjoying exquisite cuisine, and a nice glass of champagne.

After the night ends, rest assured that you will fall asleep with a smile on your face, while your dreams revisit the cherished memories of Paris that you have tucked away in your heart.


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