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Saving For Travel Has Never Been Easier


So you have made the decision to hit the road on the next big trip and you have everything figured out. But you still have awhile before you head off and you want to really take advantage of this time and maximise your saving power or even cash in on special programs that provide serious traveller rewards to help make your trip cheaper and easier, as well as helping you get more for your money. Here is a quick round up of a couple of great ways to save money or get travel points and rewards in time for the next big getaway.

Bank and Credit Card Reward Programs

This is one of the best and fastest ways to rack up points and get rewards that can help you get to that far flung destination sooner. There are many bank card and credit card rewards programs available which are beneficial to the avid traveler. For a look at one of the top credit card options check out the Capital One Quicksilver review, not only will the card help you save money with 0% APR for the first few months as well as 1.5% cash-back on all purchases, it also has no annual fee which means you can put this card to work for you and your travel plans. How? Many people find a card with incredible bonuses, rewards and cash-back like this one and put all of their purchases on it to rack up the rewards faster.

Coin Savings Jar

Remember the giant piggy bank or old liquor bottle from your parents’ wedding that served as the family vacation fund when you were a kid, but all it seemed to have was an odd assortment of chump change? It never really amounted to much, did it? Or if it did, you just remember your parents counting out and rolling coin after coin after coin. These days it couldn’t be easier to turn all that random coinage into some serious scratch. Every time you have a bit of change, just toss it in your change jar. Over a couple of months alone through even the smallest bits of change you can rack up easily $100+ worth of easy, stress free cash.

Dedicated Savings Account

This might sound like a no-brainer, but having a dedicated savings account that you don’t access at all until you’re heading out on your trip can be a great way to force yourself to save that much needed money. If you’re having trouble saving, start to quantify the money you’re spending each day in your home town in terms of what you could be purchasing on the road. For example, a daily stop at Starbucks could be running you around $10 per time, which could be a whole day’s worth of food in the country you’re planning to travel to. When you put it into perspective that way, it helps you realise that you can be spending your money on way better things than instant pleasures now.

So there you have a couple of great suggestions on saving money and helping yourself make that trip happen sooner. Remember that while your friends might be going out to dinners at fancy restaurants, you don’t have to, or if you do, use a cash-back and reward based card that will help you get some value for your trip out of it. With reward cards, everyday things like grocery shopping can help you get out on the road faster!

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