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Thailand’s Best Beaches

Long tail boat on beach, Thailand

Thailand’s beaches offer everything you need for a rich rewarding experience. From quiet desolate islands to crowded night life, Thailand’s beaches offer the vacationer exactly what they are looking for. The white sands and warm blue water of Thailand’s beaches are the best in the world. Whether looking for wild parties and nightlife or family getaways, Thailand’s beaches and resorts offer something for everyone.

So what are the best beaches in Thailand?

Patong Beach, Phuket

Patong Beach is the number one destination for most travellers to Thailand. It offers a beautiful beach and all the luxuries and accommodations one would expect. The city of Phuket envelopes Patong Beach, separated only by a street, and is just a short walk to the city and night-life. Expect lot’s of activity and people here, as it is very popular with it’s white sands and warm water.Expect to see plenty of shops, restaurants, bars and clubs in the surrounding area. Patong Beach is only a short ride from the airport making it easily accessible. If you are looking for peace and quiet you may want to try one of the many other beaches that are available as your destination.

Kata Beach, Phuket

If Patong Beach sounds to crowded and busy for you, then Kata beach is just a couple miles away from Patong in Southern Phuket, away from all the hustle and bustle making it much quieter and relaxing. Kata offers all the natural beauty of Patong, including nice scenery, palm trees and warm water, without all of the noise and activity, making it much more relaxing for the vacationer that wants to get away from the city. With no shopping malls and high rise hotels in sight it is the perfect spot to relax and admire what Thailand has to offer.

Hua Hin Beach, Hua Hin

The beach at Hua Hin, located on the Gulf of Siam is a popular beach for locals as well as travellers wanting all the accommodations for a family without the crowding and night-life offered by other popular beaches. An easy commute from Bangkok, Hua Hin beach offers long flat stretches of beach that are great for family vacations. With a beach that slopes gently into the Gulf it is perfect for families and little ones.

Relax Bay, Koh Lanta

Moving South from Krabi town along the Andaman sea coast is a group of small Islands. the largest of these being Koh Lanta, known for its long sweeping beaches and diving. Offering secluded tranquil bungalows on the beach and large tents, the home style service and authentic Thai food will make it hard to leave. The calm restful atmosphere and off the beaten path beaches are the perfect getaway for those needing a quieter environment to relax, while still offering accommodations for the pickiest of travellers.

Travelling to Thailand’s beaches can be a very rewarding experience, whether staying at the more popular beaches or Island hopping. Nestled on the South Asian peninsula between Cambodia and Burma, Thailand offers the traveller a friendly experience and beautiful beaches, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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