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The Best Beaches Australia Has To Offer

The Best Beaches Australia Has To Offer

What do you think of when you think about being relaxed, worry free, and having a great time? I know what I think of, the beach. But how do you know what beach to choose from? There are tons of beaches out there, but some of the best beaches are in the country of Australia. Australia has tons of unique things to offer, so let’s take a tour to the best beaches Australia has to offer.

1 – First off to start things off on the list we have Lucky Bay – Cape Le Grande National Park, in Western Australia. Just south east of Perth. The beach is claimed to have the whitest sand in all of Australia! It’s a very popular destination of tourist. There are tons of wild flowers that help make the place beautiful, along with tons of wildlife such as: Grey Kangaroos, Bandicoots, and Ring Tailed Possums. It’s like a free trip to the zoo!

2 – Next, let’s surf off to a popular surfing beach in Australia. Crescent Head – New South Wales. This amazingly colored beach is known as one as the prettiest in Australia. It’s a great surfing spot, but it’s also connected to Killick Creek which allows for safe family shallow swim. It is located just north east of Sydney. Along with the features we’ve already mentioned there’s more it offers such as: Excellent fishing spots, bush walking in the Goolawah Reserve, and super fun family water sports. They also have some of the coolest hotels in Crescent Head!

3 – Now let’s take a trip to Wineglass Bay – Freycinet Peninsula, Tasmania. This beach is one of the most photographed of Austria’s beaches due to its natural beauty. Due to the crisp clear blue color of the water, along with the amazing hills and valleys, it is the place to go. Did I mention is has over 300 days of pure sunlight? It’s also the start to the Peninsula circuit walk that takes about three days. They also offer deep sea fishing, rock climbing, and wildlife watching of it’s unique species that are prone to the area, and can’t be found any where else.

4 – Lets take one more trip to Turquoise Bay Exmouth, located in Western Australia. The one of a kind beach is best known for it’s unique marine life, and snorkelling. It’s the perfect place to enjoy amazing ssnorkellingwith only a few steps into the sea, while enjoying the lovely white beach sand. The marine life Turquoise Bay has to offer is without a doubt something special! It includes: Trigger fish, butterfly fish, green sea turtles, and much more.

Whether you’re looking to get away and relax, or take a ” long term vacation ” to the beach, Australia seems to be the place to go. With some of the most amazing beaches, unique wildlife, and with its and natural beauty it’s a tourist attraction to everyone around the world. I know where I would want to go for a vacation, and you might even be lucky enough to pick up a cool accent while you’re there! Have fun!

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