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The Concrete Jungle That’s Cryptic, Creative and Captivating. Behold Some of The Attraction of New York City

In New York there are millions of things to experience and capture: breathtaking sites that would leave anyone amazed. I’m going to lay out a little of what can be seen when visiting. This certainly isn’t an exhaustive list of the attractions in New York City. 


Grab an unobstructed 80 mile panoramic view of New York from the 86th floor of this 102-story skyscraper. The  Empire State Building is unmissable and truly epitomises what New York is identified as- an Empire State that’s grand and known to all the world. A signature building to view in this monumental metropolis, holding the title of being one of tallest buildings in the world. This world famous office building has also retained the title of America’s favourite building and is a great tourist attraction for all the family. Learn about the history of the building, let the kids enjoy a picture alongside King Kong or stick to capturing the phenomenal views from the glass windows, there’s so much to take in. Day or night it’s a great wonder to behold, see the city that never sleeps light up throughout the night.

When it comes to viewing the city from the top, this skyscraper must be consider as well. The One Word Trade Center  is the tallest building in the western hemisphere and boasts of great views from its observatory. Opened in 2014 this modern building stands out remarkably with its pyramid like glass structure, so lustrous that it reflects a crystal clear view of the city around it. Reach the top of this building in 60 seconds by riding on a Skypod. Grab a glass of champagne or a cocktail from the bar and make a toast to the exceptional views and skyline before you.


When pondering on skyscrapers such as the One World Trade Center, you can’t help but be reminded of where it originated with the twin towers and think back on the tragic events that occurred when the buildings came down, in the result of an horrific terrorist attack. The 9/11 Tribute Centre gives factual first hand information from the family members, fire fighters and police officers that survived this horrific event. Be informed about something that not only remains in the hearts of all in New York, or America but in the hearts of all who received news across the world.

When it comes to Museums to visit in New York, the American Museum of Natural History is one to see. One of the largest museums in the world, it hosts a whole range of knowledge and information: cultural artefacts, spectacular specimens, universal fossils and more. View these many wonders in an interactive, modernised way and even an IMAX theatre that helps bring these facts to life. When you’re a bit exhausted from taking in so much information, get rebooted from the food available in the hall on the lower level of the museum.

Much Much More

These are just a mere few of the thousands and thousands of things that can be partook in in this striking state. Walk along the paths of where hundreds of Hollywood movies took place (from Spiderman 3 to Home Alone 2)  in Central Park, or take in the view of the monumental statue of liberty.

Not to mention this City has dining to die for. Experience the hearty American diners dotted around this city, – sink your teeth into some brilliantly barbequed ribs or a burger that’s bursting with flavour.

If you’re in the city that boasts of its dazzling broadway, then you can’t miss out on the many shows that they have to present. See a musical that will leave you singing, or tuck into a tear-jerking drama.

A range of tours: walking tours, cruises, tour buses, are all available in New York. The streets of this city can be quite hustle and bustle to take it all in on a bus, you could take a helicopter tour of the big apple, get a different perspective of the city, as well as your bearings. A skyline that stands out and stages some of the most renown skyscrapers in the world. New York is not to be missed.

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