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Top 4 Things To Do in Morocco

Dromedaries in Morocco desert

Choosing Morocco as a travel destination is an excellent choice for those interested in Berber and Arabic cultures. Bordering the Atlantic ocean to the West and Mediterranean sea to the north, Morocco has plenty to offer the international traveller. Located in the north west portion of the African continent Morocco offers the Atlas mountain region and parts of the Sahara desert. Morocco offers fishing and hiking, and regions ranging from sea villages to sand dunes, and everything in between. Whether looking for local tourist traps that are highly travelled or that perfect place to getaway from it all, Morocco’s culture and history will amaze you.

Spend the day on a camel

One of the first things to do when visiting Morocco is to take a camel ride through ancient trade routes of the Sahara desert. You can hire a tour guide that will take you along some of the trades routes where spices and other goods were once brought to the roman empire city of Mauritania at the height of Roman rule. Riding a camel through the red sand dunes is a once in a lifetime experience.

Visit the Hollywood of Morocco

The city of Ouarzazate is famously known as the Moroccan Hollywood, with such famous films as “The jewel of the Nile” and scenes from Star Wars in it’s desert like landscape. Travellers can take guided tours through various sets of films like Cleopatra and Lawrence of Arabia, and modern films sets in the city of Ait Benhaddou, to visit the set of Russell Crowe’s movie Gladiator.

Hiking the Atlas Mountains

Get away from the hordes of travellers and hustle and bustle of the city of Marrakesh and take a hike through the Atlas mountain range, which rival the Swiss Alps with their cooler climate and peaks. If you are an experienced hiker you can explore the mid and higher ranges. You can spend a day or a week as you hike around through beautiful mountain ranges, some peaking 400m as you travel through Berber villages and the terraced crops of the Atlas mountain ranges. You can travel by foot or rent a bicycle for the day to explore the rugged mountain range. If you decide to stay overnight you can camp in rustic Berber tents. Horse riding is another popular activity to travel the Atlas mountain range. The Atlas mountain range offer something for everyone at every level.
High in the Atlas mountain range you can visit the Todra gorge with high looming cliffs against a green lush landscape. Walk through narrow canyons surrounded by 300M cliffs. You can ride horseback, a bicycle or hike the soaring rock faces of the Todra gorge.

Explore the different cultures

As the culture of Morocco varies you will be hard pressed to find time to take it all in. A mixture of Arab, Berber and Niger-Congo ethnic backgrounds, Morocco offers a multitude of foods and dishes. Whether taking in standard dishes or fine cuisine, Morocco has something for everyone. You can visit local diners and shops and buy souvenirs locally made and crafted for a truly authentic experience. Whatever you may be looking for their is plenty to explore in Morocco.

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