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Top 5 Places To Visit In Scotland

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Scotland offers something unique as compared to other famous tourist destinations in the world. Holiday makers are often left enchanted by the vastness and sheer beauty of this great land. These next five destinations are a must visit should you choose to vacation in Scotland:

1. Edinburgh Castle

The city of Edinburgh is arguably one of the biggest tourist attractions in Scotland and its only befitting that the Edinburgh Castle makes this list. The castle has been a permanent fixture in the Edinburgh skyline for over 800 years. The building in itself represents the superior and magnificent technical know-how of the great Scottish architects. Its presence lurks high up on top of a dormant volcano and is visible for miles on end in every direction. Historically the castle served many roles, being used as a barrack, prison, parliament and as a royal palace. It’s one of the most photographed places in Scotland attracting numerous tourists every year.

2. Skara Brae

Skara Brae also known as the Pompeian city of Scotland is one of the best-preserved cities in Europe. It’s located on Orkney Island and it dates back to the Stone Age. For centuries this prehistoric city had been covered with sand up until 1850, when a heavy storm brought it up. Its near perfect state is attributed to the ocean sand that filled its walls immediately after being abandoned. It’s presumed to been even older than the Great Pyramids.

3. Ardnamurchan Beach

The Ardnamurchan Beach is the most stunning beach to ever grace the Scottish shore line. The ambiance here is cool and calm and you soak it in as you feast your eyes on the beautiful scenery. It’s a very impressionable place to tour; and often it leaves an indelible mark on the tourist’s mind such that you will yearn to visit this place again. Should you choose to take a boat ride and venture out away from the coastline, you can be sure to spot a wide range of marine life from seals, dolphins to whales.

4. Isle of Skye

The Isle of Skye has a lot to offer as a tourist destination. For starters you get the wild coastline that offers a picturesque view of the beautiful ocean. Also lurking about is an equally beautiful terrain with rivers, waterfalls, mystic lochs and the crown jewel of all, The Cuillin Hills, the highlight of this exotic island. The hills are made up of two distinct formations; on one part are the red Cuillins made of red granite which is pleasant to the eye, and on the other part are the imposing black Cuillins made of sharp volcanic rocks. Take your time here to savoir and appreciate the life of the indigenous settlers that call this exotic destination home. Also be on the lookout for the highland games which are a huge event here.

5. Edinburgh’s Royal Museum and Museum of Scotland

The two museums sit next to each other, while having separate identities. The Royal Museum showcases artifacts from around the world while the Museum of Scotland is dedicated to the story of Scotland and its people. This is a haven for the discerning art connoisseur where you get to see a large collection of artefacts from the Vikings, Holy relics and my personal favorite – Egyptian mummy cases.

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