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Top Cultural Sites To Visit In St. Petersburg

St. Petersbuurg

Perhaps surprisingly, for those who uphold the Western view of Russia, St. Petersburg has long been a thriving hotspot for arts and culture. Alongside the country’s famed ballet season, international artworks, modern innovations, stunning architecture and landscaping are all beautifully showcased in the city.

These five venues are true hotbeds of cultural sophistication, and a must-visit for all lovers of the beautiful, wonderful and amazing.

Mariinsky Theatre

St. Petersburg

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This historic arts center has long been a defining feature of the city’s cultural scene. Housing critically acclaimed ballet and opera groups, it’s by far the best place to see Russia’s world-famous performance skills, on their home stage.

Each year, the theatre showcases a whole range of ballet, opera and orchestral performances, from traditional classics to modern adaptations. There are even a number of dedicated festivals, which focus on celebrating a certain instrument or performer, and take place periodically throughout the year.

State Hermitage Museum & State Russian Museum

The Hermitage Museum is probably the most internationally-acclaimed site in the whole of St. Petersburg. Located in popular tourist destination, the Winter Palace, which was formerly the home of the great Tsars, the building itself is a visual spectacle, and its contents are even more intriguing.

St. Petersburg

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As one of the largest, and oldest, museums in the world, it holds an incredible collection of art, antiques and artifacts from civilizations all over the globe. The State Russian Museum is also located nearby, and provides similar content from a purely Russian background, making it a great choice for anyone wishing to learn more about the internal cultural development of the country.

Kirov Central Culture and Leisure Park

St. Petersburg

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To enjoy the culture of St. Petersburg like a local, a visit to this tranquil and beautiful park is essential. Situated on Yelagin Island, which is a short drive from the center of the city, it’s a great way to enjoy some peace and quiet on your trip. Originally built in 1932, the park still stands, today, as one of the main attractions.

In winter, it provides spots for ice-skating, sledging and skiing, whilst summertime sees the lawns filled with family picnics, musicians and sports teams. Complete with open-air theatre, boat trips, horse rides and picturesque sculptures, there’s no-where else in the city that will give you such a delightful experience of true Russian culture.

Kuryokhin Center

This non-profit venue, situated in the heart of city, is a one-stop shop to experience the truly unique modern art scene of Russia. Originally an old cinema building, the picturesque venue can seat an astounding 2,000 people.

Over the year, its halls and walls house an eclectic range of exhibitions, including live art shows, film festivals, visual celebrations and performance acts. Whenever you chose to visit, it’s sure to be a truly innovative and exciting experience, and it stands as a beautiful testimony to the modern Russian creative flare.

These four spots are by far some of the most impacting, and popular, for visitors of St. Petersburg, but there are many more to chose from. If you know of an attraction that deserves a place on this list then please leave a comment below.

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