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View the Vivacity of Vietnam Lively and Attractive Sites From City To City

Vietnam- The city that rose victoriously from the ashes of its war stricken past and reveals its triumph through the beautiful displays of historic landmarks and alluring beaches. Located in Southeast Asia, the country known for its rivers, beaches, temples and bustling cities, is both exotic and captivatingly compelling. It’s a naturally beautiful place and comprises of an instantly addictive culture, limestone islands that scope the seas and palm fringed beach fronts that’ll take anyone’s breath away. Model an Asian conical hat, bike the mountainous secluded roads or sip on some beer hoy while enjoying the company of the locals. Book a holiday to Vietnam today and it’ll be possible for you to view and partake in all these things.

Halong Bay

One of the biggest tourist attractions and most famous bays, is Vietnam’s Halong Bay. View the islands and vast waters from its picturesque peaks. Go on a junk boat tour and take in the many other-worldly sites surrounding this 1553 km² bay. Ha Long Bay includes some 1600 islands and islets, some of which are uninhabited and therefore intriguingly spellbinding. The islands also take on various forms and are therefore named after their shape, for example Stone Dog and Teapot. Not only do the varying islands leave you enchanted, but with the arches and caves that surround it, you can feel as though you’re a part of a scene from The Pirates of the Caribbean. Be exposed to all the elements and entrails of the bay as you expedite along it in a Kayak, or if you prefer dry land then you can entertain yourself with some rock climbing or hiking. No wonder many consider this destination to be a heaven on earth, with all of the magical scenes it presents.

Hoi An

Hoi An is an ancient yet charming city, with architecture that reflects its heritage. Originally a Southeast Asian trading port in the 15th-19th century, this wonderful destination has been preserved and presents a whole range of attractions. The Japanese Covered Bridge is one of the sites that parades this city’s streets, with its elaborate carvings and a passageway for pedestrians to take in its brilliant views. It’s a tranquil site in a bustling city. The Quan Cong Temple is also a sought out location in this city. Decorated with elaborate art and statues, this 17th century temple can leave anyone wowed. With there also being suspended incense burners leaving a distinctive aroma around The Quan Cong, it has all the senses engaged. This city also host tailors that can get you fashioned into the latest Vietnamese trends, other Chinese temples and traditional tea houses. You can also see the iconic Vietnamese tube houses dotted along its streets, that look like apartments on a diet, with their very slim forms.


Situated on the banks of the perfume river, depicting colonial charm as well as acclaimed architecture, Vietnam’s capital city Hanoi is a must visit. Hanoi is a way to have a close encounter of what the rush of city life is like in Vietnam, with its narrow streets and blaring horns confronting onlookers. There’s a huge mausoleum erected in this location that pays homage to Ho Chi Minh, a communist revolutionary leader. As well as the tsunami of motorbikes parading the streets there’s buildings from 21st century glass and steel high rises to secluded yet intricately woven shacks. Walk the lively Old Quarters comprised in this fast-paced city and see the goods and services on offer in the barricade of shops. Not only do you have to see the sites but satisfy your tastebuds with the culinary classics in this capital. Be enriched by the subtle yet unique and tenderly tasteful dishes, or sip on the rice wine available in many regional markets.

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