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Ways Your Fashion Could Be Failing Your Body

When it comes to being fashionable, it sometimes means sacrificing comfort to make that fashion statement. While it seems that women in particular are willing to do whatever it takes to take fashion from one level to the next, and often without thought as to what it can do to their bodies. You’d be surprised just how being fashionable can actually hurt your body – from your head to your toes, so here are some reasons you should consider re-evaluating your fascination with fashion.

High Heels

High heels can actually damage your body in quite irreversible ways. The higher the heels as well, the worse off the damage can be. While it can help people with flat footedness, the other potential results and injuries aren’t worth it. Heels can cause enormous stress on ankles and knees as well as throwing hips and ultimately your back out of alignment as well. While it was formerly a requirement for women in some industries to wear heels, it’s now being reversed due to the proven physical harm long term wear can cause. If this sounds like something you want to transition out of, consider a plan to invest in some women’s comfort shoes – the best choice you’ll ever make.

Tight Clothes

Believe it or not, tight clothes – particularly tight trousers – can cause issues with digestion and acid reflux. The tighter the trousers, the harder it is for your stomach to work as it should, with the trousers actually pushing acids back up into your stomach and causing acid reflux and indigestion. If this sounds like something you have experienced before, consider the tightness of the trousers you’re wearing. While they make look fantastic, they might be causing you physical issues. Keep those tight clothes for short nights out when you can take them off after only an hour or two of wear.

Heavy Jewelry

Heavy, clunky and chunky jewelry seems to come and go from the catwalk, and while it often looks like it’s here to stay, it should be used sparingly. The heavier the jewelry, the more likely it is your body, muscles and skeletal system have to compensate in alignment to hold it up. Consider the effects of a heavy necklace worn every day for 8 hours – minimum – per day. That’s a lot of unnecessary work your neck is doing to hold it up. Evaluate how your neck feels after a long day of work – with and without the necklace and note the differences. It could be time to put that to the side for shorter term wear, light the tight trousers.

So even if you’re a fanatic fashionista, it’s a good idea to take care in terms of what you wear and when, especially in terms of length you’re wearing it as it can cause unnecessary strain on your body. While you may only feel its effects short term, prolonged use, such as with high heels can actually wear your body down over time to have irreversible effects on things like knees or hips. So invest in some comfortable clothing for those long days at the office. You’ll be glad you did!

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