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What to do With Your Weekend Break in New York

As far as weekend breaks go, they don’t come much better than the Big Apple, one of the World’s most famous cities and a place where during your weekend you can pack in more sightseeing and activities than you thought was possible. New York is somewhere that you could comfortably spend an entire week let alone a weekend, but it isn’t necessarily cheap, with that in mind, a 3 night break from Friday night to Monday morning is the perfect break to go sightseeing in New York, without breaking your budget. If you have a limited time in New York then here are the places that you should be heading to.


Statue of Liberty

A trip to the Big Apple should be considered incomplete if you haven’t visited the incredible Statue of Liberty, of course you can see the huge statue from many areas of the city but I implore you to make the boat ride across to Liberty Island to see it up close and personal. Not only will you appreciate the sheer magnitude of this statue on the island but you can also buy tickets and walk up the stairs inside, all the way up to the crown. From the crown of the statue you will have an incredible view of the skyline of one of the World’s most iconic cities, the view itself is worth the cost of entry.


A Saturday night on Broadway is very special, these 8 blocks house some of the World’s most famous theaters and each night the stars of the stage take to Broadway to put on incredible performances. Broadway is the place to be for any stage show and these theaters are reserved for the best of the best when it comes to musicals. Broadway is electric, just walking down the street makes you excited with flashing neon lights, hundreds of people dressed up to the nines and music pumping out of every stage door. Once you’ve decided on your musical of choice you should try to book tickets early as they can get very expensive closer to the time.

Little Italy

There are so many incredibly diverse neighborhoods that you can pass some time in New York that it is difficult to pick one for a Sunday afternoon stroll. Little Italy is one of my favorite places, it is in lower Manhattan and, as you can imagine, it is heavily influenced by the Italian invasion on the city that has taken place over the years. For the best Italian food, this is where you should be going, lots of street food vendors selling pastas and some of the most amazing pizza you’ve ever tasted. The shops, the buildings, the museums all display Italian crafts or have been shaped by the Italian-Americans that have lived in New York through the years. After a busy Friday and Saturday in New York, taking a walk around somewhere like Little Italy is the best way to take in a different area of the city in a more relaxing manner.

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