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What To Do In Hong Kong

Hong Kong

As an avid traveller to Asia, you have not experienced anything as wonderful until you have been to Hong Kong on the Southern coast of China. Rich in history Hong Kong will amaze and astonish you again and again with natural and man made wonders, it’s amazing skyline and deep harbor. The city skyline is breath taking whether viewed from the harbor as the sun rises or at night, when all the skyscrapers come alive to produce an amazing show of lights, some so bright and rich in color they seem to glow as they electrify the night.

Whether viewed from the harbor or from the panoramic view available at Victoria peak, Hong Kong’s skyline is almost astonishing to try and take in all at once. You can ride a 120 year old cable car railway up the side of a mountain to the peak, departing from Garden road near the MTR.

From it’s modern architecture and museums to historical sites and declared monuments, Hong Kong is a living culture mixing age old traditions with modern technology. Ride the worlds largest outdoor covered escalator, stopping at the bars along the way on every level, or take a short ride on the star ferry and take some outdoor pictures of the large harbor and Skyscrapers along the hong Kong skyline.

You can visit an inner city park to relax and take a few minutes for yourself and have lunch at Victoria park or visit in the early AM and view the older folks doing Tai Chi.

Another fun family frolic is Ocean park that features a thrilling tram ride up craggy cliff faces to the top and heart stopping rides, water slides and a petting zoo.

And be sure to watch for the Symphony of lights show, every evening at 8PM, that includes Lasers fireworks and lights with 5 different themes. It is free for viewing and can be best seen from the harbor. They also have English broadcasts of the music and narrator on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront. You can also listen on your pocket FM radio, or call a special number from your cell phone to listen in.

Some other great things to do while in Hong Kong include the Lin Heung Tea House (Fragrant Lotus tea house) encapsulated in an age when life was simpler, Charter a Junk for the day and visit an archipelago with 260 islands to choose from on an 8 hour tour (Bring your picnic basket) or Take a helicopter ride from the Peninsula hotel for a jaw dropping view as you experience Hong Kong from the air.

Hong Kong has long been the crossroads of ancient civilizations as they traveled the world in search for goods and trade from around the globe. With a cultural background like no other, Hong Kong offers a peak into the past and a glimpse into the future.
With one foot in the water as a southern sea port with a rich history, to modern cutting edge technology Hong Kong and the surrounding Islands will thrill and amaze you

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