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What to expect when travelling in Europe

If you are a traveller ready to take on the world, chances are that there is one name that has forever been gleaming at the top of your list and it is no other than Europe. It is not surprising really. Almost every young backpacker has dreamt of going backpacking across Europe at least once their lifetime. And with good reason. For Europe is the land that thrives in culture, colour, heritage and flavours that will make your taste buds dance for joy. No matter where you go in Europe, there is a completely new experience waiting to sweep you right off your feet. With its varied and vibrant art scene, the rich literary and nerdy traditions, and lively culinary culture, Europe is a land no self-respecting traveller should ever miss. So, if you have finally caved and decided to take your first trip to Europe, here is what awaits you there:

A rich cultural experience

From the moment you decide your destination and start searching for some cheap flights to Europe, you should prepare yourself for one of the richest cultural experiences you are going to have in your life. At the heart of Europe in London, which is like a living, breathing canvas forever in motion, colours and notes rippling off its skin in waves. This is where Athens’ democracy was born, where you may live and breathe and watch the renaissance unfold before your eyes in the museums of Florence. Or take languid walks by the Seine and visit the bars that ones such as Dali and Hemingway and the Fitzgeralds frequented. Watch cultures mix and twirl in Turkey and behold the glory of restored palaces in St Petersburg. Yet no matter how much you witness, Europe will leave you craving for so much more.

Nurturing nature

From the rolling vales and green, green hills of Scotland, with its many lochs and glens, to the Loire and its picturesque vine-encased valleys; from the fjords in Norway to the steppes that make up Spain, Europe has been blessed with diversity my Mother Nature so you may feast your eyes on it.

If it is gold beaches you seek, the Mediterranean and its north coast is lined with many such glimmering sandy expanses. If the mountains call out to your heart, trek across and along the Alps and visit the lands of Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy and others with it.

Something for the taste buds

And finally, for all the flavour seekers out there, Europe is a near utopic haven where all the flavours of the world meet in benevolent ecstasy. From the haggis in Scotland to pizza in the arms of Naples, a culinary adventure awaits. Head to Turkey to discover the taste of the doner kebab, whose delicate flavours will drip into your tongue with as much easy as the spicy meat falls off the bones. And in Indonesia is rijsttafel, gorging on which is an experience in itself.

And to wash it all down with a pint or two, you can head to the many pubs and cafes in Berlin, London and Paris. Link arms with your lover and dance the night away at the trendy night scenes in Budapest, Belgrade, Moscow and Madrid.

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