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Why Montana is the Perfect Place to Buy Land

Most investors understand the importance of real estate as a critical part of their investment portfolios. According to investment experts, real estate should make up at least 10 to 20 percent of the average investment portfolio. Some investment companies recommend an even higher percentage of investors portfolios be invested in real estate. Keep in mind that many real estate investments can be used for a variety of businesses, developments, and other purposes that can generate income and increase the value of the property. If you have been considering investing in real estate, then buying land is a perfect way to start on a small scale that can yield big returns with little risk.

The best place to buy land

There are thousands of acres and parcels of land for sale all over the United States that is ideal for investing, and you can purchase land in a large variety of sizes and prices to suit your needs. Of all the states to buy land, Montana ranks as one of the best. According to Land and Farm data, Montana ranks second in the country for the combined amount of land currently available for sale. Montana is a beautiful state and is ideal for farming, hunting, fishing, and ranching.

What makes Montana ideal for buying land?

Montana land has beautiful vistas, excellent soil for farming, and great terrain for ranching and homesteading. Montana land for sale is available in a wide variety of sizes and locations with terrains suitable for just about every want and need. Montana land is very inexpensive and can be purchased for less than the cost of a new car or truck.

Buying land in Montana is also ideal for:

  • Building a cabin or recreational use.
  • Farming and ranching.
  • Holding for future development.

Owning land gives peace of mind

Even if you only invest in a small acreage of Montana land, owning a piece of land purchased at a good price gives you pride of ownership. Rural land in Montana will not depreciate like other investments and is much more stable than investing in stocks which continually fluctuate in value. Owning rural land also give you the options to use your land however you like. You can use your land for hunting, fishing, camping, or just let it sit and appreciate in value. Adding rural land as an investment makes perfect sense for the short and long term.

How you can earn money with Montana land

There are many uses for land and many of them can earn you extra income or be used as a primary source of income if you’re looking to start a new business.


There are many advantages to farming, even if it’s on small scale. Montana is an ideal location for growing crops and other agricultural products. Organic farming is fast becoming a popular method of growing crops, and it can be done on a small scale. Owning large acres of land is no longer necessary to become a successful farmer. Montana offers adequate rainfall, sunshine, and quality soil for growing. If you’re looking to buy land in Montana, staring a small farm is a perfect way to generate income from your land purchase.


Montana offers spacious areas of grasslands and numerous streams, lakes, and groundwater for raising cattle, horses, and other grazing animals. Ranching is big in Montana due to its ideal climate and terrain. Raising cattle and horses on a small scale can generate a profitable income from your Montana land purchase and is a great choice for starting a new business.

Hunting and Fishing

Hunting and fishing is a lucrative business and outdoorsman are always on the lookout for quality locations for hunting, fishing, and camping. With a large enough acreage of land, you can build rental cabins on your land, and offer hunting and fishing tours for guest and travelers.

Recreation and camping

One great thing about rural land is that you can decide to use the land for whatever you like, and that includes your own personal use. If you’re looking for a place to get away from the hectic and fast-paced city life, then owing a piece of Montana land is the perfect solution. You can use your land as your own personal and private resort to escape into the peaceful world of nature and relaxation.

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