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Why Should You Visit Tonga?

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With over 150 islands, unique customs, great attractions, the kingdom of Tonga is one of the best attraction sites in the world for people looking to have a great time. Below are top 4 reasons why you should visit Tonga.

1. Tongan food- If you are a food lover, you will love the Tongan delicacies. Tongans unique way of cooking and eating will leave you mesmerized. When you go to Tonga, you have to try the Lu Pulu their corned beef which is cooked with Taro leaves and coconut cream. There are also great local beverages such as Kava, which is made out of the pepper plant.

2. Unique customs- Customs in Tonga are unique and native. The natives are welcoming and very friendly. Customs are highly regarded in Tonga so try your best to assimilate them. Tongans marriage ceremonies are different. Unlike in other parts of the world, the marriage ceremony can last up to three days. The natives dine, dance, and have a great time before the big day. You can attend a Tongan marriage ceremony and experience their unique culture. Other great customs include woodcarving, dancing to the Tongan unique music and dance style, canoe building and mat weaving.

3. Great beaches- Of the 150 Tonga islands, at least half of them have accessible beaches. Here you can have a great time swimming, playing water sports, sun bathing, or having a great picnic with your loved ones.

4. Variety of fun activities – Tonga offers numerous fun activities and attraction sites for you to choose based on your tastes and preferences. Below are the top five popular fun activities in the kingdom of Tonga

• Guided tours- Guided tours offer an amazing opportunity to experience the history, culture, food and the ecology of the kingdom of Tonga. Unassuming and gentle tour guides deliver the tours. Get to explore the islands, hike through the mountains, gardens etc.

• Surfing- The Tongan reefs are well placed for amazing surf. If you love surfing, you will have the time of your life surfing in the swollen waters especially between April to October, and November to March.

• Bird watching- Tonga contains numerous endemic, rare, and unusually attractive species of birds. The untouched islands of Tonga harbor hundreds of bird species of birds. Birdwatchers come from all over the world to experience the amazing variety of beautiful birds

• Kayaking- Glide your way into the remote Tonga islands using a self- paddled craft. Kayaking gives tourists a great opportunity to see spinner dolphins, migrating humpback whales, sea turtles, schools of fish and the amazing ocean life. You can either paddle alone and enjoy the calm, fresh air or go with your spouse for a great quite time together

• Camping and Trekking- The islands, sheltered reefs, forests, marked hiking trails offer an amazing opportunity for hikers to experience Tonga. Hikers get to swim in remote waterfalls, see the 800- year old banyan tree, and camp in the silent Tonga islands. You will be guided by a local tour guide who will recommend the best camping and Trekking locations.

Whether you are looking for a great honeymoon destination or a great place to take your family, Tonga is a great place to be.

Photo credit: Tom Perry (www.tomperry.com.au)

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