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Why You Should Choose Budapest For Your next Luxury Vacation

Hungarian landmarks, Chain Bridge, Royal Palace and Danube river in Budapest at night.

Budapest has fast become one of Europe’s top destinations. As the east of the continent has significantly increased in popularity, this Hungarian capital has earned its place alongside the likes of Paris, Rome and Vienna.

However, due to the reasonable prices and numerous cheap flights, many have unfairly branded the location as a budget holiday.

This could not be further from the truth.

All throughout history, the Hungarians have been famed for their decadence and style. Today, the touch of luxury can be found in almost every element of life in Budapest. This fact means that the city is now the ideal location for first-class vacations.

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Luxurious Bathhouses

One of the key attractions of Budapest has long been the natural thermal spas. One of the main reasons the city was founded in its current location is due to these lavish and relaxing pools. Today, they offer visitors the opportunity to enjoy true rest and relaxation, often accompanied with massages and other treatments.

The Széchenyi Baths are some of the most vast and impressive in the city. With three swimming pools and an astounding 15 thermal spas, it boasts waters high in natural minerals for a healing experience. They are also offer Jacuzzis and host an entertainment event every Saturday evening.

If you’re looking for a more authentic experience, the Veli Bej Baths were originally built during the Turkish era and have been renovated to provide guests a real-feel experience of this historical location.

Five* Accommodation For Less

Budapest boasts a whole range of luxury accommodation. The resident Corinthia Hotel is one of the most beautiful around, housed in a traditional Art Noveau building. Located centrally, it’s the perfect spot to base yourself, in order to explore the surrounding area.

If you’re looking to travel to Budapest this summer, then you’ll be pleased to know that Corinthia are launching their annual promotion. From the 11th of January, guests can enjoy a massive 50% off on selected rooms in the five* venue. Simply be sure to book before 28th February 2017 for any holiday taking place before December 30th of this year.

Budapest facade.

Stunning Architecture

To enjoy the luxurious history of Budapest, all you have to do is take a step outside the front door. The city is awash with stunning architecture and iconic buildings. Famous for its unique Art Nouveau and Neo-Gothic style, which mixes ancient, eastern and western building styles, there is true style and class to be witnessed on every street corner.

Perhaps the most famous of Budapest’s architecture is its stunning and heavily-photographed parliament building. Sitting ashore the Danube River, its beauty can be appreciated from both land and water. It’s highly-recommended to visit at night, when the intricately carved walls are lit up with beautiful lights.

If you opt to stay with Corinthia, the hotel building itself is another example of the sheer spectacle of the city’s architecture. Originally opened in 1896, it showcases the incredible styles of the era and will make your time in the city a truly unique and luxury experience.


Delicious Cuisine

When you think of the luscious cuisines of Europe, Hungarian food is very rarely one that springs to mind. However, the country’s native cooking provides a truly delicious range of mouthwatering flavors. Their use of paprika, the country’s national spice, is expertly applied and gives every dish an aromatic and distinctive flavor.

Be sure to try local favorites, Goulash, or Parprikash, for an authentic taste of Hungary. Some of the best traditional restaurants offer Michelin quality and are easily accessible form the center of the city. Try Onyx, a Gerbeaud house on Vorosmarty Square, which specializes in the expert execution of traditional menus. It also has an impressive collection of both Hungarian and international wines, to ensure ultimate luxury for guests.

Budapest may not yet have to reputation of some of the better-known exclusive European cities. However, it’s fast finding its place on the international stage. Because of this, now is a better time than ever to have a taste of its luxurious culture and attractions. Remember, if you book soon then you can receive 50% off accommodation! Why wait?!

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