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World Cup Travel Guide: Brazil 2014

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To all football enthusiasts 2014 is probably the year they have been waiting for with a lot of zeal. All eyes will be on Brazil as the country hosts FIFA’s 2014 world cup. It is important to note that one will not just wake up and find himself in Brazil like it is a form of magic. Planning is essential for anybody thinking to attend an event of such a magnitude. This is especially important to anybody who is coming from far places.

One of the issues of key concern is how to get there in the first place. You have to know the airline to use and how many times in a week that particular airline flies from your country to Brazil. A person will require to familiarize with the prices of the air tickets which are probably likely to go up as 2014 FIFA world cup comes closer.

Once you are in Brazil another headache as a traveler you will have to encounter is that of accommodation. What is for sure, staying and travelling in Brazil during this particular period will not be cheap. Brazilian hoteliers are known with hiking accommodation costs especially with events of this magnitude happening there. This is however not meant to scare anybody away. There are still several options available that you can choose from and still help you to cut costs associated with accommodation. A person can decide to take up one of the various tour packages been offered by tour operators. If you are an experienced traveler then, well and good you can travel to Brazil as an individual traveler. In the 2014 world cup FIFA has not placed the matches in geographical cluster. This means fans will have to move around a lot as they follow their teams around the country.

Where to get the match tickets from is another issue to deal if you are planning to travel to Brazil for the 2014 world cup. For the group stages prices range from $90 to $175. For the round of 16 prices range from $110 to $220. For the quarter finals $165 to $330. For the semi finals prices of match tickets are ranging from $275 to $660 . For the finals the cheapest tickets will be selling at a figure of around $440 while the most expensive ones will be a whopping $990.

The world tournament will kick off with an opening ceremony on 12th June in Sao Paulo with the final being played in Macarena on Sunday 13th July. Ticket prices , transport costs and accommodation are some of the things that will make attending of the 2014 FIFA world cup an expensive venture. If you are planning to travel to Brazil then you should book your flight earliest possible because their prices are likely to go up as the draw nears. For some people going to Brazil for the world cup is something they been planning for years. With such cases in mind then proper planning and tour guidance will help such people have maximum experience in Brazil while at the same time they get value for their money.

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